David Vatine explains why maintaining strong client relationships is the key to a successful business venture

Trust and loyalty never go out of fashion in the business world. One of the key factors that play an important role for a business to do well is maintaining a positive relationship with clients. And that’s exactly why Digital Marketing expert David Vatine believes that offering excellent client servicing is the way upward for any and every business. David, 31, who is based out of Israel, has always maintained how important it is to service the client right. “They’re trusting you with their work so you ought to give it your two hundred percent,” says Vatine, who is a proud owner of a Digital Marketing and Advertising company. After coming this far in the industry, the ace marketer believes that ‘customer is the king’.

His target audience mainly comprises of companies and small business owners who are interested in growing and expanding their customer base. David’s business journey started when he invested in an app called NetBus that was launched in 2012. The app helps in locating bus in real time and is a huge success in Israel. While the app didn’t help him generate enough money for marketing purposes, he used his skill set to do something about it. “The idea was successful but we had very little money for marketing, so I realized I needed an effective and practical marketing strategy that would work and bring in customers. “I use the app from targeted advertising on Facebook and at zero costs,” reveals David.

David, who is a firm believer in working extremely hard, also believes that one needs to unwind every once in a while. Speaking of which, Vatine revealed that it is his “leisure moments” that actually keep him sane, amid the hectic work schedule. “My leisure moments start from the first moment I open my eyes, get to work, meet amazing business owners and people, run my team, get back to my perfect wife, hang out with friends, and for peace of mind I go to the sea to surf.”

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