How to Track Someone’s Phone Without Breaking the Law

People have their reasons for tracking a loved one’s location. In most cases, they track phones to find out where their family or friends are. In some cases, they might even want to keep an eye on their spouse or kids to know where they are and if they are safe.

Tracking a phone can help find a stolen or lost cell phone, in which case, a phone tracker can help you find its location. Similarly, it can help you track the location of an unknown caller you got a call from. Employers can also keep track of their employees to ensure they do their job out on the field appropriately instead of skipping on work.

Regardless of the purpose, today’s advanced tools provide flexibility and let you track people’s locations in numerous ways. In fact, some tools even give you real-time updates of all the locations of the person you are tracking. 

Can you legally track someone’s phone?

Generally, it is completely illegal to track a person’s phone unless you are a law enforcement agency and are legally allowed to do so. You should know there are no third-party applications that let you track a person’s location using their phone number. Instead, you first need to add them in-app and get their permission to track them. 

You are allowed to track a phone only if the owners allow it. For instance, tracking your kids’ or your family member’s phone is fine and while doing so is good for their safety, you can get into trouble if you do the same to spy on someone since that is a violation of privacy. So, to simply avoid all the legal hassle, make sure you have the owner’s permission to track their phone.

With that being said, if you use a tool or cell phone tracking app that tells you the location of the number and where it is registered in the world, then it’s completely legal. Area code locations are public and are legal to look into. With this in mind, the following are some methods of tracking someone’s phone without breaking any laws:

  1. Contact the network provider

One of the simplest ways of legally tracking a phone’s location is to reach out to your network provider. A network provider stores all call logs, so you can make queries about calls. However, the limitation here is that your network provider can only tell you the state and city from where the phone call was made. Even if you own the account, that’s the most information you can get. 

You can ask your network provider to look up the phone number on their system to see if there are results, but this is only possible if the other number also uses the same network provider. All things considered, a network provider can provide you the owner’s name and nothing more than that. You can still get an idea of the location by looking at the name, though.

  • Use caller ID identifier

A lot of telecom companies have a CNAM (Caller ID Name) identifier or a caller ID identifier. It is basically a paid service that helps identify the location of the caller. It can also display the CNAM on your screen, even if the caller has a CNAM blocker that hides the caller’s phone number and name while calling someone. CNAM tools can also help you track the name, state, and city of the owner. However, this information may not be completely accurate in most cases.

  • Use social media

Another easy way to know someone’s location using their phone number is by searching it up on different social media sites like Google, Instagram, and Facebook. Both Facebook and Google will show you the organizations or accounts the phone number belongs to if it exists. 

Of course, this method is useless if the phone number is not associated with any Facebook profile or an organization listed on Google.

  • Use a phone tracking app

Today, you’ll find a plethora of phone tracking apps to pick from. Most of these offer live-tracking of the caller’s location, while some also let you track the location without letting them know. Such applications are quite useful when you want to keep a check on your employees’ on-field locations and on your kids’ whereabouts.

Cell phone tracking apps work by transmitting a signal to either a server or to another device and contains the phone’s current position. Authorized users can access this signal to know a person’s location. As with everything, there’s a catch here, too. You can only access the location if this feature is active on the target phone; if the location is turned off on the target phone, it would be quite tricky to find the exact location.

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