How Improving Your Home May Be Better Than Moving

Not getting the same sense of joy from your home as when you first moved in? If things have gone a bit stale when it comes to your abode, it can affect everything from your ability to destress after a day at work, to your everyday activities like making breakfast or showering. Falling out of love with your home is disappointing, and if you’re in this position then no doubt you’ve started to consider how you can reignite that flame.

There are a good few options to remedy this feeling, the most obvious of which is to spruce up and refresh your current home, or to start the search for a new one. The question of relocation over renovation is a tough one to make, and both will require some deal of effort. Here are the top benefits that you will experience when you choose to renovate your current property, instead of moving to a new one. Of course have work done on a large scale normally means employing a tradesman to do the work. It is best to get several quotes, a good resource for UK trade people is


If you’re concerned about budget constraints, or even if you’re not, renovation is far easier on your pocket than purchasing a new home. Everything from a new coat of paint, to some statement furnishings, or even something as small as cabinet handles will be far cheaper and easier than the process of upping sticks. Even large scale changes to your home, such as a loft conversion, conservatory, or extension are possible with a far smaller price tag than moving house.


You have the freedom to play around with the interior and exterior aesthetics of your current home as much as you please, and if you’re confident enough to get planning permission, you can also make serious changes to your home’s layout, and it’s still far quicker than listing the property on the market. Not to mention, you could just as easily get bored of the interior in your new home, so renovation has got to be worth a shot, before you waste time and money just to end up where you started.


Logistically, is it really worth up and moving your entire life just because you need a change of scenery? Having a really good clear out at home can give you the same feeling as moving into a new property, or you can switch the layout of your rooms around for a fresh atmosphere. Not to mention, there are thousands of DIY tutorials out there, for everything from macrame wall decorations for a serene space, to step by step guides on constructing beautiful fitted cabinetry.


Now we can’t claim that renovating your home will magically make you happy forever in your current property, sometimes it is a temporary decision. However, if you choose to make the renovations, then you can benefit from a refreshing and improved living space, at least for a little while longer. Then, when you do come to sell your home, you’ll get a far better asking price from your estate agents and surveyors, and be able to reap the rewards of your earlier hard work.

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