Science Fiction Novel “Austral” Headed to the Small Screen for Upcoming Series Adaptation

Science fiction fans rejoice: Author Paul McAuley’s epic sci-fi novel Austral is headed to the land of television courtesy of production house’s Circle of Confusion and Big Talk. How do we know? ‘Cause a little birdie from Variety told us!

Austral is a dark look at the Earth’s future after the great geoengineering projects have all come up empty handed; despite all efforts, it’s too little too late: The globe is still progressively getting warmer, oceans are rising. A climate change nightmare is in full swing and, much like so many people that populate the planet in 2021, the inhabitants of good ol’ Terra Firma in the future can’t get along, stumbling on their own selfish and short-sighted existence. Told through the literary device of a letter from a child to its mother, Austral quickly became a sensation when released back in 2018.

 McAuley’s Austral is getting the small screen treatment from the above mentioned production shingles with Elise McCredie (Stateless) adapting the novel for the screen. Erik Skjoldbjaerg of Occupied fame has been tapped to direct.

 Executive producer for the upcoming production said in a press release that Austral truly is a story for our times. It tackles climate change, prejudice and the abuse of power in a boldly compelling vision of the future. We’re incredibly excited to be working with two world-class talents, Elise McCredie and Erik Skjoldbjaerg, to bring Paul McAuley’s thrilling book to the screen.”

The production for Austral will be stationed in Norway, with plans to make use of locations in the far north parts of the country which will replicate the Antarctic Peninsula setting of the book.

 “Under ITV Studios’ global umbrella, we’ve been able to assemble a truly international team of storytellers to bring Paul McAuley’s brilliant novel to television,” explained executive Vice President and overseer of creative affairs for Circle of Confusion Television Studios Russ Buchholz. Austral will captivate audiences worldwide as we follow her adrenaline-fueled journey and uncover this powerful story of survival, family legacy and the cost of freedom.”

 Keep those peepers peeled to Vents for further news about cast and broadcast date as we receive it!

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