How to Prepare for Classic Burning Crusade

Do you desire to learn about the next phase of WoW Classic, and how best to venture to new areas that will be added? We’ll fill you in on the game’s launch and some helpful steps that you could take to avoid pitfalls and get off on the right foot.

Classic Burning Crusade Arrives

Soon, we will all be once again setting forth on adventures in yet another new WoW expansion. In an exciting panel in this year’s BlizzConline, it was announced that we would finally get to return to the Burning Crusade. Soon we’ll all be able to revisit Outland and make our way up to level 70, delve through revitalized Burning Crusade dungeons, and team up with a friend in the TBC arena for Arena 2×2.

The team here at LFcarry is excited about the return of WoW TBC. For many of us, it was our first experience with an MMO. We spent many dozens or hundreds of hours journeying through the broken world of Draenor, purging the Burning Crusade bosses in its darkest depths, and making near-constant use of our wonderful Burning Crusade flying mounts to reach its greatest heights.

As nostalgic we’re sure to be about the return, however, there are some challenges the relaunch presents that don’t bring us quite the same joy. Today, we’re going to cover the launch, some of the game’s rough edges, and how to circumvent getting lost in the aspects of the Burning Crusade you don’t enjoy.

Joining the Fight Against the Burning Crusade

With the relaunch of WoW Burning Crusade, Blizz will be converting all current vanilla realms into TBC realms and launching new legacy servers for those players who don’t wish for the TBC World of Warcraft experience. For those without existing adventurers, there will be an option to boost an adventurer to 58, the entry level required to go through the Dark Portal and see the new content. This will be limited to one character per account, however, and the new races will not be eligible for this boost and will need to be leveled from the very beginning.

While these boosted characters will have some basic gear and riding skills, they will be sans trade skills and any reputation you might have gained from quests and dungeons when power leveling the character. With the huge influx of boosted characters into these Burning Crusade WoW realms, the cost of reagents to quickly max profs will be exceptionally expensive due to the great demand. That means you’ll either need to go back and farm those materials on your own, traipsing through the game’s original zones for hours upon hours, or shell out gold you’ll need to buy Burning Crusade mounts later on. Thankfully, we have a solution.

Hire the Best WoW Boosting Service

LFcarry boosting service can solve any of your in-game troubles with ease when you hire our professional gamers. If you buy a WoW leveling boost from us, you can skip all those limitations that come with the character boost from Blizz. We’ll level any race for you, even the new ones, and can level your trade and riding skills, too! Even better, you’ll be able to journey into Outland with all the gold you got along the way, ready to take on whatever challenges await you ahead.

Speaking of challenges, we don’t simply provide leveling services. We can assist you with anything you face, and even provide Burning Crusade raids carry services to take you into battle against the toughest foes in the game with real pro players by your side. The same goes for any other challenges you want to take on, whether that be earning rep, killing world bosses, gearing up, or getting honor in the arena. We have a Burning Crusade boost package for each and every one.

We can even assist you with more esoteric challenges, ones you don’t find on our site. All you have to do is head to and contact our support team. They’ll be happy to set up a custom order for you, at no extra cost.

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