5 Interesting Facts Every Player Must Know About Online Casinos and The Gambling Industry

The casino world has changed quite a bit in the past decade, and even if land-based casinos seemed to have lost some traction, the online gambling world is more alive than ever. People are attracted to the fact that they can play their favorite games from the comfort of their own home, bonuses are always substantial, and the community is growing quite rapidly. 

We bet you didn’t know that 26% of the world’s population likes to gamble. This means more than 1.6 billion people find pleasure in a game of poker or roulette. That’s because casino games are, above all, fun, exciting, and stimulating. There are very few things that compare with the adrenaline felt when the roulette is spinning, or the tension that prevails over a poker table. And, when you get to go home with more money than you came with, that’s when you know you’re hooked. 

Even though plenty of people like to play casino games, not many are aware of all the interesting stuff that have happened in this industry. And no, we are not talking about anecdotes on how people lost or won millions at the poker table. There are plenty of stories veteran gambles can’t wait to tell you about, but we are here to discuss facts. 

If you want to know more about the gambling world, you have come to the right place. Below are 5 interesting facts any gambler, amateur or veteran, should know about the industry. 

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The online casino world is predominantly male

While there is a fair number of ladies that have made a name for themselves in the casino industry, the online casino world is predominantly male. 

Statistics say about 11% of people who use the internet on a daily basis, access gambling websites and 80% of them are male. While these percentages include all types of internet gambling activities, including betting, it is an interesting fact to observe. 

This may have to do with the fact that male and female players have different habits when it comes to playing casino games. Females tend to stay on gambling websites for a shorter period of time, they look for short game sessions, and tend to play more responsibly.

Online casinos are not that new

While online gambling websites only started to gain massive popularity in the past few years, they have been around for more than two decades now. 

The internet as we know it was first launched in 1991, an it did not take long until people were able to win real money for free playing online slots. Three years later, in 1994, the world’s first online casino was launched. The website was called The Gambling Club, and even though graphics were low and the experience was not as close to reality as it is now, people were still enjoying it a great deal.

Now, online casinos have exploded in popularity, partially thanks to advancements in technology. Just imagine how popular online casinos are going to get once people have unlimited access to VR technology. 

Roulette – the Devil’s game?

In the world of casinos, roulette is known by the nickname the Devil’s game, but not because people are betting their lives on it, but for a much interesting reason. If you add up all the numbers on the roulette wheel, it gives you a total of 666, which is known to be the number of the beast, associated with the Devil. Pretty weird, right?

While this may sound a bit spooky and intimidating, roulette is, in fact, one of the best games to play at a casino, because it has a high chance of winning. Betting on black, for example, means you have an almost 50/50 chance of winning. Even though the odds are usually low and you won’t win a ton of money, statistically, the chances are still high. The reason why we say almost 50/50 is because the American roulette wheel has a 0 and 00 on it as well, while the English roulette has one 0. In both instances, this keeps the odds from being a straight 50/50.

Want to own a slot machine? It depends on where you live

Slots are among the most popular casino games in the world. Spinata Grande is, in fact, uno de los juegos preferidos por los jugadores españoles. But what if someone wanted to own a slot machine at home? You’d think that, since it’s your home and you don’t plan to make money from your slot machine, you can safely buy one and install it in the living room. 

Well, not so fast! While the Spanish are very fond of their slots machines and can find multiple websites where to purchase one to have at home, not all Americans are as privileged. States such as Hawaii, Tennessee, and Connecticut don’t allow people to own a used slot machine, even if they are collectors. Other states, such as California, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Oregon have rules in place that allow people to buy slot machines for personal use only if they are older than 25 years old. 

Some counties only allow online gambling

While it can sound a bit strange, some countries only allow their residents to play casino games on the internet. This means there are no casinos around, or even if they are, they are only there for the foreigners and residents run into legal issues if they try to break the law. 

Monaco is, perhaps, the first example that comes to mind. The infamous Monte Carlo Casino was developed by Princess Caroline in the mid-1800s and has become a symbol for the industry, but Monegasques can’t really enjoy it. When the casino was developed, Princess Caroline was very firm in prohibiting the residents of Monaco to be allowed inside and insisted that gambling revenue should come from foreigners.

Worry not, as the Monegasques received some pretty interesting benefits in return: they don’t have to pay income taxes, because the sovereign city-state uses casino money instead.  

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