The Story of Natural Effex and Bold New Consumer Trends.

Consumers have become increasingly demanding – this is no secret, and it applies to every single major industry – however, as expectations keep rising, bold entrepreneurs always find ways to rise up to the challenge.

When it comes to creating a sexier, more inviting and almost spellbinding lifestyle around a brand, these guys are pioneers on their own right. Natural Effex is one of the fastest growing imprints taking over the CBD market across America. Founded by James Carbone and with a team of highly accomplished team members like Evan Dotson-Celotto, Nicholas Quaid, Eliajah Beebe-Maddix, Fabio Delmonaco and Kevin Comfort – Natural Effex has become synonymous with top shelf quality across the board.

As global socioeconomic trends continue to shift amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, more and more Americans are turning to CBD in order to alleviate a myriad of troublesome conditions, but as the industry continues its upward growth projection, customers have an increasingly difficult time identifying the right products and brands.

The boom this burgeoning new industry has experienced in recent times seems to have inspired countless individuals to explore the complex path of entrepreneurship. However, the facts can´t be ignored: only a handful of brands and imprints within this remarkably competitive market have effectively established themselves as cultural trendsetters and widespread tastemakers. Product quality is a must, but so is a personalized approach to caregiving; An unwavering commitment to providing the best possible experience to each and every client.

We spoke with Natural Effex founder, James Carbone. Here´s what he had to say:

What is the inspiration behind the brand?

The inspiration behind my brand is that growing up I was always a huge fan of the plant, what it does, and how it effects your body. It has so many benefits.  Growing up, I had an aunt with breast cancer and uncle with ALS. I watched them both suffer with sickness and disease. CBD/Hemp/Delta 8 THC can comfort people suffering with these ailments. My goal is to help as many people feel as comfortable as possible.

What are your best sellers?

Our Delta-8-THC products. Specifically, our 300mg Delta 8 disposable cartridge (vape) that comes ready to go. Its sleek, compact and

convenient. It glows our neon green logo at the bottom when you puff it.

It gives you a mild buzz after about 1-2 puffs. Making you feel relaxed. Enjoy!

Our second best seller would be our Hemp flowers. High quality, and great for relaxing after a long day easing stress and anxiety.

Would you say the pandemic has been challenging for your business?

Luckily we were already in stores before the pandemic hit so I just maintained and kept grounded. I was able to expand and continue business slowly. Ironically it actually helped us; We were able to grow rapidly on social media along within the market.

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