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The modern industrial architecture looks like warehouses, churches which converted into living place, industrial buildings, old barns. It accentuates the use of exposed bricks from a turn-of-the-century and the distressed wood elements in the industrial era. Modernist Architecture Or modern architecture has innovative construction technology. This type of architectural style based upon some glass, steel, or concrete. The ideas, don’t focus on ornaments, just follow the function of the embrace of minimalism. 

In the early 20th century, the style of modernism came out in response to large-scale changes in society and technology. These are associated with ornament and decorations, some rational materials, building function, the viewpoint of analytical approach, and structural innovation. 

Characteristics of modern buildings:-

  • The Components positioned on horizontal and vertical lines to each other.
  •  Specially reinforced concrete and steel are used. 
  •  In the industrial process, it follows the machine aesthetic in the use of material production. 
  • There are some shapes like Rectangular, cubic and cylindrical.
  •  Composition of asymmetric. 
  • A lack of clay sculpture and ornaments. 
  • Large horizontal window bands. 
  • Open floors plan. 
  • White or cream frontage.

Types of modern industrial architecture

1. Inotera Headquarters & Production Facility by tec Design Studio – It is the standard building for office. This type of industrial architecture design is made with glass frontage, and the construction is reinterpreted in light of the tradition of Taiwan. Within a contemporary context, the technology is explored in order to environmental aspects and cultural values. On the Live Enhanced you can explore home interior & exterior design, Gardening tips, Lifestyle, and more…

industrial Architecture 2.jpg

2. Kangan Batman Institute by Lyons – This is specially made for office accommodation, high bay workshop spaces, specialist workrooms, etc. For Australia’s automotive manufacturing and trades, this Automotive Centre of Excellence is accommodated for showcase faculty and training. 

3. Helicopter Building by Stephane Maupin & Nicolas Hugon- The helicopter building is located on the fringe of Paris city. It is an area where the urban textile fades away into assorted industrial infrastructures. It is surrounded between Paris social housing, train tracks, ring road, and factories. Everyone will be inspired by concrete pillars, mineral and raw atmosphere, the noise of train sounds, gravel collides, and raw materials of this college. 

4. Bio Mass Power Plant by Matteo Thun & Partners- This biomass power station together with waste products like wood chips become combustible and sawmill in the form of bark, and nearby sawmill woodburning cycle which genuinely virtuous. In form of heat, this power station generates the energy to cover the sawmill energy requirements. The entire circle would be enough to complete in its own right. 

industrial Architecture 3.jpg

5. Zahner Factory Expansion by Crawford Architects- Zahner’s factory expansion is manufactured in Kansas City, Missouri. It is the foremost metal architecture that prompted the purpose for an expansion of their facility of manufacturing. This is the best metal modern building. 

6.Water Treatment Plant by AWP –  Water treatment plant industrial building is generally made for specialist workshops. It is a major infrastructural element that is very high functioning and symbolic. This symbolic element also very environmentally reflecting, technical and dependent on urban circumstances. 

7. Urban Solid Waste Collection Central by Vaillo + Irigaray – It is a building consists of urban solid waste collection. There are most of the buildings are industrial, factories, and intensive to the environment. And it is also a coexist building with other uses of a city, which is not a building that has to hide. 

industrial Architecture 4.jpg

8. Glacial Water Bottling Plant by Panorama – This is a project which was built in 4 months. The whole process is done with bottled glacier water. The building contains the process of 6meters high and a box of 18 by 18 meters. Basically, it is a tapered soil base clad in black opaque toughened glass. 

 The major thing in industrial architecture is to combine design and material. And in this field, the construction should be most impressive, worthy of administration and recognition. Building’s main goal is not only about focusing the house production but also garnered the attention of building’s design. Exceptional industrial architects created some veritable works of art, even in this time also. 

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