Seattle Hip Hop Artist Chepps Debut Sensational Awakening Album ‘A Thing or Two’

Slightly under the gloomy weather of Seattle in the winter, with the sensation of misting rains and foggy forest, A Thing or Two is out of this world with a refreshing splash of existence. Cleverly structured from a subtle, inviting “Level Up” to the escalation of inspiration and emotions, as the debut album from Chepps, A Thing or Two, unveils a talented upcoming hip-hip artist from Seattle.   

The album opener “Level Up” exhales fuggy circles of contemplation, spacing out in a greenish blurry. “I’m just getting high, thinking about my past, looking into the future, how long could it last.” Drumbeat takes the buoyant wander down to the wintry presence and looks into its eyes. Without knowing, we landed in the flourishing spinning of “Take 2.”  

A Thing or Two is one of the albums you can listen to from top to bottom without being distracted or disturbed. The smooth transition between songs and the subtle development of scenes and energy level is something we don’t hear every day. An escape to the greenwood with a joint, talking with time and self. It almost feels like a cocoon or a harbor.  

The second half of the album takes on a bolder exploration of sound and instrumentation with a beautiful expansion of its color palette. Nostalgic trumpet with casual strums of harp-like warmth; slightly rigid corners folded and stored in golden vintage fame. The lyrics of “My Own Demise,” on the other hand, are rooted in self-reflection.  

Any trip has its downside; the album takes on a darker twist with the middle track “Bully,” gazing into the grim reality. Contrasting the characteristic vibrant layers of sound, “Bully” takes on a minimalistic approach of instrumentation with a focus on vocal and driving drums. From this point, the journey steps into a higher level of awareness.  

It is like witnessing a floral blossom, the last four tracks of A Thing or Two is full of surprises: From jazz, laid-back “Avenue” to the twirling light of “Race,” sliding into “Groovalistic Vibes;” the splendid “No Limits” draws the perfect conclusion.  

It is undoubtedly exciting and unexpected to hear music at this level from their first appearance. Chepps shows talent and promise as an upcoming artist. We are looking forward to hearing what he will bring to us in the future. Stay tuned! 



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