Introduction of New Escalation Mode to Valorant is a Twist of the Classic Gun Game

The time has gone when the updates of games come after months. We’re living in the modern era, where showing laziness means you are out of the competition. Similarly, the gaming industry is a competition where different titles are competing against each like a racing game to be the first to cross the finish line. Back to the game, Valorant is a First-person Shooter and Multiplayer video game that emphasizes tactical game aspects, unlike the likes of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, which focuses on running and gunning.

 Riot Games releases the game for PC, and now making tweaks to improve the gameplay, and to introduce new game modes to keep the players fully engaged. It brings team-based tactical shooting gameplay that limits your movement to a first-person viewpoint. The environment takes place in a futuristic setting. Furthermore, there’s a massive variety of playable characters, known as agents; each one has unique abilities and powers to use against enemies. 

Two Teams – The Main Mode

The primary mode of the game involves two teams of five players each. Players are assigned to either act as a defending team or an attacking team, while each team has five players. Like other games, characters are different in abilities, skills, and personalities; however, you can choose your favorite one to jump into the game. The game has a variety of weapons that you can use to take on enemies, including the following: 

  • Assault Rifles
  • Submachine Gun 
  • Shotguns
  • Sniper Rifles 
  • Semi-Automatic Weapons 
  • Machine Guns

Introduction of Escalation Mode 

New escalation mode was released on 17 February 2021, offering you a chance to use every weapon of your choice to spread destruction everywhere. Players from across the land recognized the mode from other shooter games, such as Call of Duty: Back Ops or CS: GO. Similar to other Gun Games, players start the game with the most powerful weapons of Valorant intending to get the highest kills; however, the weapon will get worse gradually. In short, reaching close to victory may increase the difficulty level accordingly. Moreover, If you’re new to the game and don’t want to start from the beginning, then you have a choice to buy Valorant Account from a trustworthy marketplace. For sure, you would be familiar with the twist in the game; if you’re not, then let me that the Escalation mode is team-based. Each competition involves two teams of five players, pretty different than the traditional Free-for-all versions. Within the team, players will get the advantage of bonuses who get the highest kill. During the game, you can’t swap the battle or help out your team making any progress until you get a kill. Apart from that, Agent Abilities are also an addition to the game.

Shahbaz Ahmed
Author: Shahbaz Ahmed

My name is Shahbaz Ahmed. I am author on Ventsmagazine. For any business query, you can contact me at [email protected]

About Shahbaz Ahmed

My name is Shahbaz Ahmed. I am author on Ventsmagazine. For any business query, you can contact me at [email protected]

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