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DAE JONES: No Daes Off and Making Waves

As a jack of all trades, Dae Jones is the wildcard artist that needs to be on top of your radar. This Chicago native is soon to be the hottest name in the rap and hip-hop scenes – though that isn’t all that she’s known for. On top of her fiery musical career, Jones is also an entrepreneur: she is the CEO of Snap N Go Hats, and this project of hers is one that everyone should keep an eye out for. She is also a mother to her daughter. Looking at her debut project, the title No Daes Off is more than fitting – Dae Jones is a fiercely committed woman who is making waves in the scenes she commits herself to, showing her dedication and passion through her art in a way that is impossible to ignore. Signed to Island Records, she is known for her singles “Bad Bitch” (2018), “Waves” (2019), and “Cash App” (2020), as well as being named the BET Next Rap Star in 2019. Clearly, Dae Jones is here for the long run, and has been shaking up the game since long before her debut – and nothing is going to change this. Instead, she’ll only continue in her path as a trailblazer.

Directed by Drewski Films, Dae Jones’s music video for “No Daes Off” was released on March 7th of 2021 and is the music premiere that holds the potential to redefine hip-hop and rap artistry. “No Daes Off” tells a tale of the artist’s struggle – and how she turned this into something to be proud of in a way that not many others could keep up with. She shows that she’s not here to play around but is instead the maker of her own fate when she raps, “came from a lot of nothing / now you gotta call me Big Dae / used to fight for food stamps, now I get money like three ways.”

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To take it a step further, she’s also nothing short of captivating within the music video itself – her presence is demanding and powerful, almost impossible to look away from. As an artist who “came from a lot of nothing,” Dae Jones has turned herself into her “own boss,” and it shows in the work that she has done and continues to create. Using clever wordplays and cutthroat lyrics, Jones is telling her story on her own terms, all the while proving to the world that she is in a league of her own and is someone they need to watch out for – because before they know it, she will be at the top of all the charts, the new household name that all rap and hip-hop lovers alike will know.

Dae Jones is on popular streaming platforms like Spotify where you can find her singles like “Bad Bitch,” “BAD Bytch, Pt. 2,” and “Cash App,” among others. She is also on Youtube Music and Deezer. To keep up with Dae Jones, you can find her on Instagram where her handle is @daejones. She’ll continue to make waves, so it’s best to hop on board with her now lest you get left behind.

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