7 Time Management Tools You Can Install Right Now

Time is a fixed resource and you cannot mess with it. However, some people find it difficult to collaborate with time. If you are that someone who is always struggling with deadlines and deliverables, time management tools and software can make your life easier. Here we have short-listed some of the best time management tools and software for you:

1. Calendly

The backbone of a perfect schedule is an efficient Time Management Tool. One such app, we came across is Calendly. You would be surprised to know how much time you waste due to flawed scheduling. The tool works in the integration with your time zone and specific calendar to schedule meetings and maintain special reminders. Using this site, you can `schedule the last-minute meeting, set buffer times, and even create secret events. 

2. Timely

One of the most inspiring time management tools that we have come across recently is Timely. It promises to keep a complete track of time concerning every project you touched throughout the day. Unlike other tools, you do not have to input your time manually. Just integrate the system into your device and it will keep a track of every second spent on a particular project.

Even the visual representation of this app is quite remarkable. It uses large blocks of time to identify the time spent and how you can improve it. With the AI mechanism integrated into the system, you can also classify hours spent into a billable timesheet.

3. To-doist

Another online time management tool, which is giving cutthroat competitions to its peers, is Todoist. It is available on iOS, Android, as well as desktop. To-doist can be used to schedule all your tasks and activities. You can plan your day, get reminders, add task quickly, and organize all, on just one dashboard.

4. Toggle

If you want to combine the power of collaboration tools then Toggle is the best option. This time tracking software can be integrated with multiple project management systems helping you stay productive all day. You can get the accurate time for multiple projects and sub-projects. At the end of the week, opt for its “report feature” which will show you the team’s progress. No problem if there is no Internet for a while as it will work in offline mode also.

5. Loop

Many people complain that they cannot keep up with the work schedule due to poor habits. Therefore, here is a time management app that can get you out of your bad habits. For example, bad sleep, improper eating habits, lack of exercise, and unnecessary thinking. Loop was developed to help people maintain good habits and to do so it will ask you particularly about the habit you want to improve and keep you reminding of it. 

6. Freedom

One of the biggest obstacles of the working environment these days is social media, online shopping, and other distracting website. What if we tell you that we have a solution in the form of the app Freedom. All you need is a little setup and the app will restrict your access to social media platforms, online website, and video streaming websites. You can also use this tool to prevent the entire internet from accessing a certain website. It is not for the whole day you will choose a block period and setup different block references. 

7. Harvest

Another time tracking tool we have on the list is Harvest. It is a refined mixture of time tracking software and billing tools. Some of its top features are creating estimates to an advice based on the time what you have worked. It also enables integrating time tracking across multiple project management tools. In the end, you can also receive real time reports on where the time was spent. The app is available on Mac, iPhone, Android as well as Browsers.

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