Why Do You Need a DMARC Record?

A question that may come to your mind is that if at all you need email authentication and DMARC. This state of dilemma arises from the fact that our mailbox providers have integrated security solutions built-in their cloud-based email exchange services. This is why we find ourselves to be reluctant towards adopting email authentication protocols like SPF, DKIM and DMARC, and negate them as unnecessary or redundant.

However, DMARC works very differently than the security solutions provided by your email service providers. This is what makes it an imperative addition to your email security suite, and a must-have for businesses of all sizes. In this blog we will break down the reasons why you need a DMARC record, and how to implement DMARC easily with Power MARC.

Why Do I Need to Implement DMARC?

  1. DMARC is different from Spam Filters

It is a popular myth that DMARC is the same as spam filters and integrated security solutions provided by your email service providers. Spam filters offer protection against inbound phishing attempts, that is when threat actors try to send fraudulent emails from an external malicious domain. However, if an email is sent from your own domain, from a malicious IP address (like in case of domain spoofing), spam filters would be ineffective in stopping that. This is where DMARC steps in.

  • DMARC protects against brand impersonation and spoofing

DMARC Record makes use of SPF and DKIM to not only protect your domain from inbound phishing attempts but also spoofed outbound emails sent from your domain, using sophisticated social engineering tactics. With the right policy mode of enforcement, you can minimize the chances of falling prey email phishing scams, BEC and direct-domain spoofing with DMARC.

  • DMARC reports offer complete visibility into your emails

DMARC reports are of two types: DMARC aggregate (RUA) reports and DMARC forensic (RUF) reports. Aggregate reports help you monitor your inbound and outbound email flow, and SPF, DKIM and DMARC authentication results. Forensic reports give you detailed information on malicious activities (forensic incidents)   attempted on your domain like spoofing, BEC and impersonation, so you can respond to them faster.

  • DMARC improves your email deliverability rate

Authenticating your emails helps you boost your server reputation, which automatically helps increase your deliverability rate. Using DMARC to authenticate your emails not only protects your domain from impersonation but can potentially increase your email deliverability by almost 10% over time!

Generate a DMARC record instantly to publish in your domain’s DNS with our free DMARC record generator.

PowerDMARC Makes DMARC Adoption Easier for Businesses

DMARC adoption can be quite a tricky process. Simply publishing a DMARC record and assuming that your brand is now safe from the intentions of threat actors is a mistake. Therefore PowerDMARC, as your DMARC service provider, helps you ensure your domain’s security and take it to the next level.

  • We help you shift from monitoring to DMARC enforcement (p=reject) in no time.
  • We generate DMARC reports in easy-to-read formats like charts and tables, exporting complex XML files and encrypting your forensic reports for privacy purposes.
  • We help you mitigate SPF permerror with automatic SPF flattening solution, so that you enjoy error-free SPF authentication.
  • We have basic and enterprise level plans that can suit the requirements of small, medium and large organizations.
  • Additional authentication solutions like MTA-STS and BIMI integrated with our DMARC security suite on selective plans, helping you take your domain protection and brand recall to the next level.

Sign up today with our free DMARC analyzer and get started on your endeavour of achieving security supremacy for your business domain!

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