‘AZA the Messenger’ has a new musical treat: ‘Go Slowly’

AZA, a multi-instrumentalist known for beautifully mixing various elements of different genres, released a new single, ‘Go Slowly’. A talented artist named ‘AZA the Messenger’ made this new tune to remind the world to slow down. To hit a pause and take some time to reflect, to feel gratitude, and allow a natural flow to our lives.

‘Go slowly’ is a fresh tune from the E.P. of the same name. The song leads with the simple melodic or organic jazz piano, alongside a vocal that combines simple, easy melodies with classic rap. From a soothing jazzy piano melody to a more robust groovy sound intertwined with a guiding voice, the track evolves to a multi-layered musical message. ‘Go Slowly’ won’t just entertain you; it will also suggest the benefits of patience and a positive outlook on life.

A breath of fresh air

It’s a genuinely original track that captures listeners and tells a story in a refreshing, stylishly pure way. It plays to all of your senses. Vocals are clean-cut, which is genuinely refreshing given the current direction of the contemporary hip-hop scene. By the end of the song, AZA plays with multiple layers and flows, but in a relaxing, almost gentle, but teachable way. This song is a message; no matter the adversity you face, no matter the struggle, don’t succumb to negativity, toxicity, and impulsive reactions. Progress takes time, and it’s gradual, which is clearly depicted in this musical piece of art.

‘Go Slowly’ is ultimately compelling in it’s consistent progressions towards the end, proving AZA’s impeccable talent in both music and lyric writing.

Go slowly – go with the flow

The whole song is about balance, going with the flow that will ultimately open the realm of opportunities and push you in the right direction.

AZA spoke passionately about his latest project, explaining the message behind his art.

“Go Slowly is a reminder for us that as we look around at all of the negative things and perceived problems going on in the world and as we fight to try to make it a better place and be the best version of our true selves in that process, we can’t rush the progress. We can take our time and allow the process to unfold naturally. We have visions of a better world, and it can be disheartening to come back down to the present reality. The best way to hold everything in balance is to be observant, not rush into any action, but instead allow things to unfold in their own time and be in sync with the flow and time progression that brings a better reality to our existence. The production and the words are really coming from a peaceful, relaxed place despite all of the storms that I witness come up, and I want to transmit that energy.”

AZA is a multi-instrumentalist with deep roots in the African Diaspora. He enjoyed listening to gospel, reggae, soca, blues, soul, and jazz growing up. These genres influenced AZA profoundly and deeply, and you can certainly hear that in his musical style.

Unique style and talent

His unique talent lies in the ability to mix various elements of different genres together. And he does it with a lot of knowledge about music and art. AZA is a well of experience in musical theory since he studied it at Berklee College of Music. There he got a firm foundation of the theory and also studied gospel and jazz music. He was actually awarded MIT’s Emerson Scholarship to study at Berklee.

His opus is vast; AZA released multiple projects of original music. He performed at venues such as Jazz at the Lincoln Center, Arts at the Armory, Regattabar, and The Middle East.

AZA is a real phenomenon on the scene; he is the co-founder of Renaissance Entertainment, LCC, a company whose goal is to combine music, science, and community building to create a more conscious and emphatic culture environment.

This talented artist also studied in the M.D./PhD program at Harvard Medical School. He got his PhD in Neuroscience at MIT in 2016 and his MD in 2019. He also earned his B.S. in Biology from North Carolina Central University, where he also received minors in Philosophy and Jazz studies for piano and vocal performance.

Having a wide range of interest that he successfully combines into art and support systems, AZA also practices and teaches meditation and mindfulness, currently working in the Department of Psychiatry at Yale University, where he leads the AZA Lab.

AZA has released several albums, and his latest album ‘Go Slowly’ is now available on all musical platforms like Itunes, YouTube, Spotify, Songwhip, Deezer, Tidal, etc.

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