15 things to do on the road not to get bored

Things to do on the train, bus or plane

1. Think about the upcoming trip

If you are flying on vacation, make a list of all the places you want to visit, including the secondary ones. It is so fun to study the map and plan a route at least to the hotel. Download the necessary apps and articles to your phone in advance.

If you are traveling to another country, learn the basic language phrases and etiquette rules. On a business trip, it is always important to prepare a speech, sort out the documents. You can also think of people to whom you want to bring gifts and souvenirs.

2. Read

One of the most popular activities for the road. When else will you have time to read the works of the classics, which did not reach the hands?

Another great option is audiobooks and podcasts 

3. Write

Make and adjust your plans for the future, summarize the achievements of the last month, and make lists of necessary things to do and purchases. Write a post on social media or a note in your diary about your expectations from the trip, or about the impressions you have already received if you return.

4. Draw

Drawing on an airplane is not very convenient, and the attention of neighbors is distracting, but for the airport or train, this activity is just right. You will need pencils or pens, a sharpener, and paper. If you have never drawn before, print out or download the drawing tutorials in advance.

5. Listen to music

On the road, nothing distracts you, you are not in a hurry. Even long-familiar compositions can open up in a new way. Download tracks of new genres and artists, including those that you do not seem to be close to. You can discover a whole world.

6. Watch movies

Before you go, download a few movies to your gadget. If you are traveling alone, take a headphone splitter. Take care of charging, because sockets, like Wi-Fi, are not available on all planes and trains.

7. Disassemble the folders on the laptop

Take advantage of the great opportunity to clean up all the archives and organize your desktop. Delete unnecessary folders, files, videos, and music albums, organize and sign what you need.

8. Delete unnecessary photos

It is so satisfying to delete all the useless photos, and some things can be processed and published on social media.

9. Learn

A long trip is a good opportunity to improve your language skills or learn something new in your professional field. If you a student you can take your textbooks with you and prepare for exams, or do your homework on the road, so then you will have more free time. 

10. Work

Take the necessary tools and documents with you and complete some upcoming tasks in advance. Write business letters. Freelancers generally work very often on trains or commuter trains, which saves a lot of time.

11. Meet fellow travelers

If you are bored, start a conversation with a passenger you like. On trips, you can meet very interesting people, and sometimes even your soulmate. Ask the other person where they are going, how many times they have already been there. This way you can learn interesting details about the country you are traveling to.

12. Think and dream

In unusual circumstances thoughts on the road flow differently. Listen to yourself: what emotions you have inside if there are any new ideas, insights. Traveling can help you better understand yourself, evaluate your vision and values.

13. Observe others

Look at how the people around you are dressed, how they behave, what their nationalities are. Play detective and imagine what they could do in their lives, what they think about. This simple activity will help you develop observation skills and a more subtle understanding of people.

14. Call your parents

It’s time to find out how things are with relatives or friends that you have long wanted to call, but did not find the time. You can also chat with your friends on social networks.

15. Get some sleep

For convenience, you can use a sleep mask, earplugs, and a pillow-cushion under your neck. With these devices, your sleep will be both pleasant and satisfying. The main thing is not to miss your station.

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