Types of Alternative and Traditional Medicine Available

Have you ever asked yourself how people used to be treated before the coming hospitals, trained doctors and diagnostic machines? Alternative medicine and traditional herbs were the way to go. Some foods, such as the Adaptogenic mushrooms, were also known to be medicinal and people used to consume it when they sick. Despite the coming of modern medicine, alternative and traditional medicine is still being practiced in many parts of the world. What are some of the practices of traditional and alternative medicines? Here some of the collections of alternative medicine practices.

Diet and Herbs

Let your medicine be your food and your food be your medicine. That is a slogan that probably is known by everyone and it holds to be true. The use of supplements, certain foods like mushrooms and certain plants such as Aloe Vera has been a common practice. People believe that the herbs are therapeutic. Use of supplements to treat diseases is still in use up to today. Take of example the use of iron supplements to treat iron deficiency anemia. The use of vitamin supplements for people who are immunocompromised is also a good example of use of alternative medicine. The use of medicinal mushroom extracts has also been on the rise because of its improved effectiveness.

Traditional or Alternative Medicine

This type of medicine practice was majorly used by the Chinese and the Indians and later spread to the other parts of the world. Indians for example made use of Yoga to keep fit and eliminate diseases. In China, the use of Acupuncture and chiropractor medicine became so common to the extent that people begun to believe the two methods were the final healing methods. Other forms of traditional medicine included the homeopathy and naturopathy which all included improving the body wellness and prevent it from diseases and illnesses.

Use of the Mind to Treat People

Before the coming of modern medicine, healers used to believe that disease and illnesses start in the mind. Mental health and emotions were regarded as part of the causers of illnesses and ailments if they were tampered in one way or another. Healing methods such as the hypnosis, meditation and biofeedback were used to make people heal from illnesses. The only drawback was that there was no defined dose for each of these interventions so people couldn’t really know how much to administer to clients. Practically, some people used to feel better and it became an order of the day in treating the sick.

External Energy ‘

The use of external energy and stimulation to bring a state of normalcy in the body were among the methods used to treat diseases. An example is the use of electroconvulsive therapy to treat mental health issues because it tends to correct the abnormal firing of the brain. Involvement of people in sports, dance and other activities is also known to bring a perfect kind of healing to the people. Such practices are now being sidelined by modern medicine and people are embarking on the use of modern therapeutic interventions to get healed.


Alternative medicine was one of the best ways to heal people before the coming of modern medicine. Even now as modern medicine is predominant, people still use the traditional medicine because there is still Yoga in India and there are still Chiropractor services in China. Mushrooms are used as medicines these days especially the ones that are organically engineered to have medicinal properties. The fact that they have low calorie, low fats and have a low glycemic index make them a health and fitness food for people with conditions such as diabetes and hypertension. Other medicinal plants include the Aloe Vera and Digitalis plant. 

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