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On a recent press release by the film production company JL films, Hollywood actors Louis Mandylor and Robert LaSardo teams up with martial arts actor Sandeep JL for a psychological action thriller called BLOOD HUNT. The film is directed by Yadhu Krishnan, who is also the writer for the film ‘Escape from black water’ 

Sandeep JL is an American actor, martial artist, film director, writer, producer and fight choreographer known for Secret Intelligence (2018) and the 2020 martial arts action flick Outrage (2020).

Sandeep has worked in numerous Hollywood films gaining reputation as a martial arts actor and stunt coordinator.Yadhu Krishnan, the screenwriter of the Hollywood film Escape from Blackwater, starring Louis Mandylor,Isaiah Washington,Kevin Gage,Paul Sidhu and Victory Brandart will be playing the role of Director for Blood Hunt. 

Filming is planned in US around last quarter of the year. Team believes to set a worldwide release on over 40 plus countries. A renown distribution company has already attached Blood Hunt to its acquisition.

Louis Mandylor who has been a renown name in Hollywood industry is most recognized for his leading credits in a variety of highly acclaimed, award-winning films and television series, including the Academy Award-nominated box office smash hit comedy My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002), and its sequel, My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 (2016),The Debt Collector (2018), Avengement(2019),Debt Collectors (2020).

Robert Lasado is an Italian-American  actor who is best known for the blockbuster movies and tv shows like The Mule(2018),Never Down(2007),Death Race (2008) and the extensive list keeps going on.

Now this psychological action thriller will soon attach few more Hollywood fames along soon. Sandeep JL plans to raise the action benchmark with a strong storyline this time.

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