Financing your Property in Portugal you with rates at less that 1%

Mortgage rates in Portugal are incredibly low making property in Portugal one of the best investments. The interest rate has dropped for the 5th consecutive month in a row to as little as 0.873%! As per the data from the INE National Statistics Institute, this low interest rate is minimum. If you are thinking of investing in real estate, relocating permanently or purchasing a holiday home, contact today for a free consultation. Simply contact the team online to find out more. See below some of our options:

1. Cabanas,
One-bedroom apartments
From €140,000
Finance over 40 Years.
20% Deposit – €29,800
80% Finance
Low monthly repayments- €376.48
Interest rate only 0.873%

2. Lagos
Two bedroom apartments
From €310,500
Finance over 40 years.
20 % Deposit – €62,100
80% Finance
Low monthly repayments – €1003.88
Interest rate only 0.873%

3. Alcantarilha
Two bedroom Villa
From €580,000
Finance over 40 years
20% Depost – €116,000
80% Finance
Low monthly repayments – €1,145.60
Interest rate only 0.873%

To find out more about these properties contact via email on [email protected] via WhatsApp on +351 915 744 282 or call 1 800 938 850.

Ideal Homes Portugal is our new project in Portugal and we are now accepting investments in real estate, to buy apartments, houses, buildings and land, whether for holiday homes or residential use.

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