‘Mine’s Bigger Than Yours’ Is Like A Fun Encyclopedia Of Bad Action Movies

On occasion, when you are in the world of writing about entertainment, somebody tells you they think you will like something. Oftentimes it’s because somebody is looking for a review, which I understand. I myself have had projects out there that I hoped would get attention. I’ve had one pop culture book published, and I have a second one coming out soon. This is a rambling way of saying that recently an author of a book told me they thought the book would be up my alley. Fortunately, they had me pinpointed pretty well, because I did indeed see the worth in Mine’s Bigger Than Yours.

Please don’t blanche at that title. It makes sense in context. The top of the book declares “The 100 wackiest action movies,” and that’s what the authors try to provide. Christopher Lombardo and Jeff Kirschner are the hosts of the Real Awful Movies podcast, which makes a meal out of memorably bad and truly terrible action films, among others. They are self-styled experts on the genre, but this book provides plenty of bona fides for such an assertion.

As promised by the cover, the duo break down 100 out-there action flicks, some of which were big releases, some of which have become iconic cult classics, and others that even I had not heard of. It’s a book dedicated to cataloging these films one chapter at a time, with films grouped together by if they are superhero films or martial art movies or what have you. They run the gamut from Batman & Robin, a movie that is not campy fun, despite what I have heard some people try to claim, to the unfathomable and infamous Samurai Cops which somehow seems to have a negative budget.

Each chapter tells you something about the film’s plot, the cast and crew, and cover some memorable moments and provides criticism. What I appreciate is that Lombardo and Kirschner are able to use their voice in the writing. There’s a casualness to the tone I appreciate. You feel like you are getting the true feelings of the writers, which I like in a book like this. Yes, it’s something of an encyclopedia, but also a book with a clear voice. That lets it be informative and fun, which is the kind of pop culture book I like to read, and also what I like to write.

If you are interested in action movies or bad movies, there’s a lot for you in Mine’s Bigger Than Yours. Oh, and if you are a fan of bad action movies? I don’t know what you are waiting for. Even on the outside chance you know all these films it could still be a fun read. Who doesn’t want to revisit Bloodsport with some fun asides and a little info thrown in?

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