LO’s Second Album ‘Night Owls’ Is A Treat

There is a new LP just out from producer LO, and it’s here through London label Absent Mind. He released Lights back in 2017 and its follow up is titled Night Owls. With ten tracks to enjoy including 2020 single “BLU”, LO has really worked his way through a plethora of genres here.

“THE NIGHT” is a particularly dazzling listen, while “LOST IN A DREAM” proves immersive and quietly beautiful. This project began back in 2018, so it must be something of a relief for the artist to finally release it all. LO says: “Night Owls is my second full length album. With the first written song of this body of work dating back to the beginning of 2018, it’s taken quite a long period of time to get to this point. I Feel that the album’s quality in terms of songwriting and sound design really benefits from this. Written and worked on strictly after dawn, it shows a darker, more melancholic side of LO.“

Find it here.

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