Mike Clum, the founder of clum group

Mike is the founder of Clum Group, which is the parent company for Clum Creative and Teddy Baldassarre. 

When this 27 years old started in the video production field he was unaware that he would become achieve so much success in such a short period of time. In the start, he was only shooting at the $600 video camera but today he has a 5000 square feet facility with his own video studio. 

His company is providing services to businesses that can range from entrepreneurs, marketers, and in-house creative people. The clum group is providing animation videos to businesses in order to promote the business across social media. With only 25 full-time employees the company is on the path to lead the industry. 

While Clum Creative is the principal force to be reckoned with of Clum Group, there is another rising star in their family. It is called Teddy Baldassarre and is an extravagant online business brand zeroing in on watches. Going about as the authority face of the brand and overseeing accomplice of the firm, Teddy has caused the YouTube channel to turn into a remarkable achievement. Today, the channel is thriving, having over 300,000 subscribers.

Not exclusively does the Teddy Baldassarre brand have a fruitful YouTube channel displaying extravagance watches, however it additionally is a confided in brand that offers extravagance watches available to be purchased. Established upon social stages and computerized resources that draw in more than 2,000,000 watch aficionados every month, Teddy Baldassarre is combined with an industry-driving appropriation innovation and organization. This had transformed it into one of the quickest developing on the web approved vendors of extravagance wristwatches around the globe.

The watch brand He introduced is giving us the idea that he is not only creating the animation videos for the clients but also can go to other businesses with much dedication and growth rate. 

Mike Clum is Generating millions of dollars in revenue per year which is giving him the courage to go break through boundaries. He is looking to hit the milestone of reaching a million subscribers on YouTube for his brand and is on the right path to achieve this in 2021.  If you want to learn more about him then you should check out his Instagram account @mikeclum. On there you can keep up with his day-to-day life and find information about his latest projects.

Thanks to him, He is able to inspire many of the people who don’t have the luxury of money and the power but have the dream of one day achieving these things. Because of his persistence towards his goals, he brought his company to new heights. Not only that, but he is revolutionizing the watch game and educating millions. 

Go to the companies YouTube and see the luxury watches they show. You will not be alone in doing so, as more than 2 million viewers visit his YouTube channel on monthly basis. 

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