Maria Slusnyte

Interview with stunning Model and Aesthetician Maria Slusnyte

Maria Slusnyte A Brilliant Aesthetician And Model

Here you are going to find the interview with the famous and stunning model Maria Slusnyte. Many people know her because she is the winner of the Miss Europe world 2017. Now she is also starring in reality TV shows. 

She began her modelling career at the age of 14 and when People found her on social media.  After finishing up her school she began taking modelling seriously. She is now working in London and Milan and stumbles in the fashion shows.

On her daily basis, she is focusing on fasting and daily nutrition. She spends most of her time making herself fit and healthy.  Even though she is the model, she focuses much more on health with the Meditation and self-healing books. 

When asked she calls herself to be loving and Very ambitious in life. 

She is a very courageous woman and doesn’t have any fear and wants to achieve every goal with Dedication. 

When asked about the Best advice she has got in her life then she told that always follow your path and the money will follow you. 

She is a woman who reads a lot and the books are a very big influence on her. Also, the people she meets in her life are very influencing on her and that is why she became the person she is right now. 

Even though she started to work as a model at the age of 14 but until she turned 16 then she got professional contracts related to modelling. 

One of the major benefits of being in the modelling field according to her is that she can meet a lot of people from across the globe. With that being fun, being away from family is a very hard thing. 

She says that she doesn’t have any failure but feels like that every struggle is a lesson for the future. 

She is advising on the new models that never listen to anyone who degrades you.  There will be people.  Some people will call your face to be very dull for the model. According to her if you are thinking that you are a good model then this is the path you should take without any vulnerability. 

Five years from now she is looking to open a beauty clinic In London.  Along with that, she is looking for prospects but unable to do it because during the covid-19 pandemic she is unable to shoot. 

When asked she says that she loves to travel across the world and want to meet every type of person.  Even though she has millions of fans on Instagram and other forums, but she wants to meet people on a personal level. 

She loves Nicole Kidman and has some inspiration from her. You can access her on Instagram

When asked about fashion she says that not the brand but the looks is what attracts me. 

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