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Incomparable DJ Spezzo Is Now Playing On Gravity On Mars

DJs are one of the underrated professionals in our society. The effort a DJ throws in making new music for a night is without equal. It requires a lot of creativity, talent, hard work, and the will to focus. To make some new and unique music which can compel people to move on the floor is surely a talent.

For many years thousands of professional DJs have been showing their amazing skills by making people’s night amazing. Today we bring you one of such people.

Olivier Spezza, aka Spezzo, is a DJ and music producer from Montreal, Canada. He is into making deep house music as he loves it much more than other genres. He released many tracks displaying his incomparable talents such as Falling, Dance for me, Dawn, Promise Me, and All I want. You may have heard these tracks at parties or events as they have been very popular and gained many listeners. One of his most popular tracks Falling has been called Spezzo’s signature. Recently, he released Torn apart and hit thousands of listeners on Spotify.     

When asked what motivates him the most in making incredible music, being generous Spezzo said:

“My music is definitely a reflection of what I see and feel in my daily life. Views, landscapes, hiking, going for a walk or run. Even simply having good conversations with the right persons can influence my creative process and my way of making music. So basically, what I do is putting sounds on my personal experiences.”

As a Dj, Spezzo has performed in many events. Nowadays, he is performing in the virtual event Gravity on Mars. Gravity on Mars is a live stream virtual club for the partygoers where different DJs play their music and entertain their listeners. It is becoming one of the popular platforms to enjoy new and incredible music. The reason for new and incredible music is that they hire new uprising talents from around to let the world explore young talent. From this platform, many DJs have been set to the next level of their career and many have gained a lot of followers.  

Spezzo played one hour live in it and dropped some of his amazing work there. He already had a huge fan following but after joining Gravity on Mars; he has attained more than 39k followers on Instagram. His listeners say his music energizes their souls and grows unique lightning in them. Having such support, Spezzo is proud of his fans.   

The life of Spezzo was not always famous and successful but he loved music since his childhood. With time, he struggled hard to polish his skills of creating music. According to him, when he was only 4, he started listening to Tiesto (even when he was not very popular), Daft Punk, Kraftwerk, Above & Beyond, and many other DJs. These musicians became the inspiration for Spezzo and made the foundation of electronic music in him. Now, he is becoming a rising talent in the music industry with very much to offer. He has energy, determination and above all confidence to make his place. You can listen to his music and can find all traits i.e., energy, emotions, and definitely a vibe.

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