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Best printer for daily use

With the boom in digital technology, we are directing towards a paperless world but still, there are many times we need to have a printer to do many tasks. Nowadays people use smartphones and gadgets to read, share books and documents, so now daily use of printers is rare.

Here comes the role of the best printer for infrequent use. Many factors should be kept in mind while buying the printer that fits both your need and pocket with low maintenance, good quality and desired productivity.


Moreover, you have to look for space where a printer is going to be placed. Not everyone has a large working space and not everyone is ready to making room for a thing that is not in regular use but becomes essential at times that you can not neglect its importance. People in search of infrequent use printer are most likely to work from home, students or someone looking for home use printer.


There are mainly three types of printers available in the market. The laser printer, inkjet printer, ink tank printers and all has different features and made for different needs. Some are expensive with low maintenance cost while others are cheap with high ink cost. Others occupy large space, so it is good to have an understanding of all three types of printers before deciding for yourself


Laser printers use dry ink for printing and their productivity performance is high. Most laser top sublimination printer are black and white printers but the coloured printer’s option is also available is laser printers. But they are bulky and have somewhat high buying cost, this cost is compensated by low printing cost and maintenance. so if you are someone who requires to print many pages at once in a week or twice a week like a student or a teacher with enough space available, must go for laser printers.


Inkjet printers fit for those who print graphics more than text content and barely print in large quantity. They offer good printing quality, are compact and affordable which means if you don’t have much investment at once and have little space this is for you. But inkjet printers use cartridges that have little high printing cost and dry up quickly if are not in regular use. To overcome this you have to run a page before actually starting printing to check it is working properly or not. This printer is best for home use and children who prefer  to print picture more than plain text.


Ink tank printers are a good option for image printing. They use high ink tanks that continuously supply little amount of ink to printers and do not let it dry. These ink bottles are quite long-lasting offering a low per print cost. But these printers are expensive and require space. These features fit best for home-based graphic designers.


Companies offer printers at different rates.While finalizing printer it is good to compare different companies rates and get user review, for this must my read article, it has all details of What is the Best Home Printer For Infrequent Use. You gonna love it.

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