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8 Tips for Surviving a Horrible Allergy Season

The word “spring” brings a smile to many people’s faces. It’s a time associated with joy and colourful memories. For others, it’s more traumatic than it is enjoyable. Some people see spring as a time to inhale in the sweet scent of a garden, and others see it as that time of the year when contact with the outside world triggers a bout of sneezing. The discomfort and irritation that follow allergy season don’t fit words, and there are not many ways around it. Most people will tell you to clutch your EpiPen like a second lifeline, but that’s not all you will need. You can do a lot of things to minimise the chaos of allergy season, some even bordering on preventive measures.

1.     Make sure the air is pure:

An air purifier is essential for allergy season. During this time, your home’s comfort is something that you should not have to compromise on, no matter the case. Air purifiers, specifically those equipped with filters, take in allergens from the surroundings and regulate the air. This mechanism keeps air quality balanced and makes sure your home feels the haven it should be in the spring.

2.     Make sure the air isn’t dry:

Adding moisture to your surroundings will reduce the risks of inhaling pollen or other allergens. You can simply make use of a humidifier for this purpose. When these particles enter the house, the humidifier’s moisture will cling to them and make them heavier. The particles will get weighed down, and their chances of entering your system will be decreased. Hence, you are less likely to face an allergy attack inside your house. However, be careful when using a humidifier. Too much moisture will do the opposite of helping you and might exacerbate your symptoms instead. Hence, balance is crucial.

3.     Fix your diet:

Allergies are often not treated as illnesses, and this is why people have a hard time recovering from them. When someone gets sick, they make an effort to align their diet with their system’s needs. The same applies to being down with allergies. It is the perfect time to detoxify your system and turn to a diet plan that boosts your immune system. This means you should increase your intake of greens, vitamin C and other fruits. These will help your body generate a better response against the allergens and keep you fit.

4.     Make use of a pillowcase:

One of the things allergy season might make you compromise on is your sleep. But, if you have good quality pillowcase, you’re in luck. The pillowcase serves as an obstacle between the allergens and you. Hence, they make it easier to doze off without having to sneeze too much. You should also make a note to wash off these pillow covers in the morning so that any extra dust or pollen particles aren’t frequenting your bed.

5.     Sweep around the house:

Cleaning the house every day during spring should be your highest priority task. During the day, many specks of dust and pollen particles enter the house. We can’t always see these tiny threats, but they gather around our sofas, across our coat racks, on the bookshelves, basically everywhere. Hence, it is more than necessary to do a thorough sweeping of the house, especially in all the nooks and crannies where dust tends to build up regularly.

6.     Sanitise yourself:

Often, we bring in many allergy-inducing particles without realising it as well. If you walked home from work, the chances are that you were an open target for pollen grains to cling to. So, washing up should be number one on your list after coming back home. It is advised to shower every night before bed so that your night goes smoothly. You should also be sure to send your clothes in for washing as soon as possible. Making it a rule to take off the shoes before entering the house during this season is also quite helpful considering our shoes openly interact with harmful particles in the environment.

7.     Clean out the washing machine:

While we address all the things you need to clean, don’t forget your washing machine. Your washing machine will become the hub of the whole season’s allergens if you do not clean it regularly. You can perform this task with a little vinegar and baking soda. It will remove the particles and prevent your washing machine from developing moulds.

8.     Hold onto your probiotics:

Probiotics can be your best friend during allergy season. They tend to make your immune system stronger and regulate your immune response. This means fewer allergy attacks and more strength.

The horrors of allergy season plague many lives, but it’s important to remember that you can always fight back. With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to make the most of all your picnics without sneezing!

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