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Why are dark wallpapers a better choice?

If you are tired of seeing bright sceneries and colorful images as your phone and desktop wallpaper, it is high time you opt for something moodier for a change. A beautiful variety of dark aesthetic wallpapers can be found on the internet. Night photography of the sky, a luminescent moon, or a gushing river can serve as perfect dark wallpaper choices. Images of nature are generally considered beautiful when they are bright and sunny; however, you will be surprised to see how majestic mountains and open fields look when captured during the nighttime.

Downloading moody, dark wallpapers

Many wallpapers of famous mountain summits like K2 or the Everest base camp at nighttime can be found on the internet. Such images look ethereal as wallpapers, and it is guaranteed for the person to feel refreshed every time they check their phone or switch on their desktops. In the wide range of dark wallpapers, dark and snowy forest wallpapers certainly make their mark. Dark forest wallpapers often remind people of Robert Frost’s renowned poem “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening,” enhancing its aesthetics. A lot of such wallpapers can be downloaded and set as wallpapers or lock screens on phones and PCs. If you want to save a wallpaper, you need to tap and hold the image on your smartphone. This will save the wallpaper in your photo gallery. If you want to download the wallpaper on your computer, you need to right-click the wallpaper and press ‘download image’. You can set the wallpaper as your desktop screen or mail the downloaded wallpaper from your desktop to your PC.

Advantages of using dark-mode

  1. Health Benefits

Many people have switched to dark-mode on their phones since this amazing feature was added to the interface of different smartphones. It may feel odd to switch suddenly from light to dark mode, but once you make this choice, you will immediately notice how good it feels to your eyes. According to research, there are certain health risks of staring at a bright blue screen:

Staring at bright blue screens for a long period starts to sting the eyes. You begin to feel pain, itchiness, and dryness in your eyes.

Exposing yourself to a bright phone screen all the time can inhibit the secretion of melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone that is secreted by the pineal gland. It is responsible for controlling the sleep-wake mechanism.

A decrease in melatonin secretion can lead to sleep problems. This may ultimately expose the person to certain diseases such as cancer and obesity.

It may cause insomnia, neck pain, and migraine. This makes the person feel tired and unproductive during the day.

According to a report, an average person spends roughly 11 hours staring at their bright phone screen, especially during the night. If a person continues to repeat this activity every day, it may pose serious health threats. The dark-mode interface is available for people to utilize and relieve their eyesight. If you often check your phone screen for time or notifications, choosing a dark wallpaper is the ultimate choice for you.

  1. Power-saving technique

This may be the best feature for people who use their phones quite a lot and are always complaining about low battery. If the screen’s brightness is 100% and all the applications on the phone are set on light mode, it is no wonder that the battery of the phone drains rapidly. According to Google, OLED screens save a lot of energy when using the dark-mode. The following statistics may help to elaborate this point:

When a phone’s screen brightness is set at 50% and dark-mode is switched on, the Youtube application successfully saves a whopping 15% of battery life. When this technique is applied to all applications, the user can save massive energy.

If someone does not want to decrease their phone brightness and is used to 100% screen brightness, this problem may still be solved by the dark mode interface. When the dark mode is switched on, an average smartphone still manages to save 60% screen energy even with the brightness set to 100%. Considering all of these benefits, using dark wallpapers and a dark interface may be the perfect choice for smartphone users!

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