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Online teaching has become a preferred method of teaching. The shift was not an unexpected one. However, the pace at which online education took us over is commendable. The global pandemic did play a huge role in this. However, a lot of teachers opined that they will continue to teach online even after things go back to normal. This is mainly due to the comfort that online education brings to the picture. While there are a lot of apps for teachers, it is of paramount importance to choose one that best fits the requirements of the teacher.

Teachers are confused as to how to choose the best online teaching app. This blog will throw light on one such one-stop-solution for online teaching that has been generating a lot of buzz. Teachmint is an Indian Online Teaching App and is getting a lot of eyeballs. We decided to give this app a try and our team in India has the best findings. Here is a detailed review of Teachmint:

Teachmint, as mentioned above, is an online teaching app. It claims to be a one-stop-solution for online teaching and it most certainly is one. Here is a complete review of the app and here are some of the features that swiped us off our feet:

  1. Live Class

The live class option is extraordinary. It is an Indian app that is made for the teachers and students of India and hence has covered important aspects like how someone can take classes even when the internet connection is poor. There is an option called low-quality mode so that teachers can save internet data. The students are notified when the teacher goes live and the app also sends real-time notifications and reminders.

  1. Live Class Recording

More often than not students miss out on classes and when they appear for the next one, they don’t have a clue about what happened in the previous class. In this case, one of two things can happen:

  • The teacher will explain the crux of what happened in the previous class.
  • The teacher will continue with the lesson and will ask the fellow students to get their classmates up to speed.

In both scenarios, there will be a wastage of time and effort. The live class recording feature of Teachmint is beyond commendable. The recorded classes will be available within 24 hrs and the teachers can share them via any social media that they want. This will also be reflected under the study materials tab for students. We found this as an extremely helpful feature and would rate it 5 out of 5.

  1. Online Whiteboard

Online whiteboards are a great way to interact with students during online classes. Teachers can add texts, images, and more on Teachmint’s online whiteboard and it stands a class apart with options such as eraser, save the whiteboard, and likewise. The teacher can add new pages to the whiteboard so that they don’t have to clear what they hard written. All the pages can then be saved as a PDF and this will be reflected under the study materials tab. This is a very thoughtful feature and we would again rate it a 5.

  1. Fee Management System

This is one of the features that sets Teachmint apart from other apps. The teachers can collect online fees through Teachmint. They just have to enter their UPI Id and the students can pay teachers through the app. This helps to reduce hassles and confusion. Keeping track of the students who have paid, reminding them about payments, and likewise, is time-consuming and hectic. Teachmint has put an end to this concern. A five-star feature yet again.

  1. Webstore/ Website

One of the features that caught our attention was the online web store where the teachers can create their own websites with ease. The importance of a website to scale your online business cannot be overstated. Quite often, people don’t create websites thinking how difficult it is going to be. By providing teachers an opportunity to create their own website and scale themselves, Teachmint is doing an exemplary job!!

  1. Security

A lot of people are skeptical about the online mode of things due to security concerns. Teachmint can be trusted and they do not peep into the security and privacy of its users. In order to be extra sure, we spoke to the team and found out that the data is kept extremely safe. Students cannot see the phone number of other students and this in itself shows how secure the platform is. While a lot of apps are behind money, this app stays true to its integrity and mission of democratizing online education.

Long story short, Teachmint is an excellent choice for teachers who want to teach online. We have discussed just some of the features of this free online teaching app. The only drawback that we found was that it is not available outside India. Other than that, the app is a complete package. Hope this app review helped you and in case of any questions, feel free to drop them in the comments section.

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