Product Marketing and SEO Tips You Need To Know

Attracting new clients and customers is a common struggle in the business world. Small businesses and large corporations go to great lengths to draw attention to their companies and increase their brand name’s visibility. With so many people doing their product research and shopping online, having a digital marketing and SEO strategy has gone from being a luxury to a necessity.

Generating organic traffic to your website is both an art form and a science. Product marketing and SEO are critical to the long-term success of local businesses, but they’re not things that come naturally to most business owners. Continue reading to get some tips that will help bolster your product marketing and SEO projects.

Use backlinks to lend credibility to your own content.


When you wrote papers in high school, you learned how to cite your sources to ensure you gave credit to your references and lend credibility to your own work. Putting backlinks in your content is similar to like using scholastic references for academic pieces.

Backlinks are also called hyperlinks or anchor text, and they’re highlighted keywords and phrases that take readers to another website when they click on the highlighted portion. When you use backlinks, you should only link back to content on authoritative sites.

Believe it or not, you should even backlink to your competitors. When you link to your competition, it shows readers that you make sure they have access to as much relevant information as possible regardless of the source.

Link building takes time but is well worth the investment.


Backlinks are a great way to build your website’s credibility, however, you should put much more focus and effort into link building. Link building is an SEO tactic that’s all about getting other websites to link their content back to your website. Backlinks are great for your online content, but link building is great for your business. The more online content that links back to your website and online content, the more organic traffic and customers it’ll generate.

If you’re not an SEO aficionado or expert, link building is an SEO activity best left to a white label SEO agency like LinkGraph. LinkGraph provides full-service SEO solutions ranging from content marketing to keyword research. As a private label company, they handle all your digital marketing and build your online presence under your company’s brand name.

Surely, you can do your own content marketing, link building, and search engine research, but who will run your business while you do? Handing your SEO needs over to a private label SEO company is the most efficient to drive backlinks and organic traffic to your website.

Use customer feedback to optimize your products.


One of the best ways to get customers intrigued by a new product is to let them participate in its development. The more input customers have in your product development, the more invested in it they’ll be. After they’ve helped you to design the product by providing their suggestions and customer feedback, there’s nothing more left for them to do than buy the product themselves.

Magna-Tiles listened to consumers when developing their magnetic blocks, and that’s why they were able to create a fun product that aids in early brain development and encourages creativity in children. The most important aspect of customer service is meeting your client’s needs. Consumer feedback is invaluable—when you listen to the buying public, they’ll tell you how to win them over with your products.

Embed rich media into your content.


When creating online content, you’d do well to remember that people have short attention spans. One of the most important SEO practices is putting rich content like videos and pictures in your content. Whenever you enhance your content with rich media, you should link back to the source of the media.

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