Lil Shxwn Teams Up With The Wicker Twinz On New Track “Do What I Want”

Lil Shxwn follows up on his previous banger “Time Lost,” and releases another dope joint titled “Do What I Want.” The track features a chorus delivered by The Wicker Twinz, Yoni, and Solai. The collaboration creates a unique sound and chill atmosphere. While Lil Shxwn drops his sharp flow, The Wicker Twinz balance it with their feminine energy and cheerful vibe as they sing out their parts. 

“Do What I Want” is a silky and smooth track, and the release is accompanied by a funky music video that captures Lil Shxwn vibing and having fun while performing his new single. 

A press release notes that the music video was directed by D. Ferg, while the music was produced by Young Shun. This song could very well become the anthem of an entire generation, used to get what they want, right here and right now. 

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