Can Quora become a traffic-generating machine for you?

A clear digital marketing strategy calls for use of specific online platforms. Quora is the current go-to and foolproof platform for digital marketing professionals of several companies. To promote business blogs and boost company network, Quora is the ideal traffic-generating machine. However, there are tricks to promote content for larger audiences. 

This informative post helps you to tap the ‘Quora’ potential and get some opportunities to create the right impact. 

Key takeaways:

  • Proven tactics for 2021
  • Guide to preparing Q & A
  • Marketing guidelines 

Proven tactics for 2021 

Company blogs often get ignored as they speak of boring stuff. However, the same can be made interesting and promoted effectively. The question-answer format allows the reader to understand how things work in the company. As this format limits the information, links to web pages allow the reader to go to the site for details. It is the most organic way to get traffic from genuine people. There are, of course, many other ways to increase traffic but this platform has been very useful. A company executive can simply answer the questions and lead the person to the next level of becoming associated with the company. 

According to a Quantcast estimate, about 775, 000 people in USA log on to Quora seeking genuine answers.

There are two proven ways currently to induce people to open the landing pages of the website.   

  1. Finding the right questions
  2. Giving effective answers

Quora, an active mini-search engine

As we all know, this platform revolves around user-generated content. The right questions are important. Depending on the industry you belong to, check out the Click on the top questions button. It will give you a report of the most popular questions being asked for your industry.

Understanding this report is important as these ‘questions’ get most enquiries and search traffic. It is like a mini-search engine that helps you to navigate the best ways to get traffic to the website. 

The catch: Your answer should have the relevant impact for the users. They should come up in Google and be ranked. If you get this right, then it is like a referral or endorsement to drive the user to the intended website. 

One more solution: Use Quora Ad hacks to get more visibility. Why? Because many other marketers are doing the same thing as you. You get to stand out as questions are targeting the right user group. Set up your account with ‘Questions targeting’ and the keyword. You will get a report showing the weekly views.

Now the real challenge:  getting the right answers

This is purely your expertise or talent. It requires adequate content creation. Be professional and to the point while giving the answers. There is no hidden agenda here. The answers will display your expertise, transparency, and ability to attract the attention of the user. 

You need to know how this platform works. Learn it here.

Warning: Do not ever put spam or copied content. It will ruin your company’s online reputation.  

Guide to preparing questions and answers 

Using Quora for promotion can be an effective exercise if you get it right. It is a smart platform to engage audiences. The following points could help you get ideas to prepare the questions and answers.

  • The questions should be targeted to very specific users.
  • Use the platform for publishing content as you do on LinkedIn. 
  • Keep searching for the right questions being asked for your industry or products. 
  • Follow questions and answers from the industry and become a part of the community.
  • Build your expertise and get followers. 
  • Avoid selling on this platform. People use this platform to get information and genuine feedback. 
  • Aim to spread the right information and guide the users. 

Marketing guidelines

With the above information, you will be tempted to work on a marketing strategy. Implement the additional knowledge to leverage the best for your company’s business and meet goals in 2021. The answers could be pithy or elaborate but it could add more power to your plans to expand the audiences that track you. 

  • The brand positioning or company’s business should clearly be No. 1 in the industry. So make an impactful profile to target the maximum number of people. 
  • The answers you give should lead people to the website to do business. Like I mentioned earlier, do not sell on this platform. While answering, provide links or sources for the user to gain detailed information if needed.
  • Your right approach is crucial for a successful marketing effort. 
  • Many online publications use Quora or state it as a resource. Hence, it can expand your network and database. 
  • For many industries, it is a better platform for visibility compared to Facebook or LinkedIn.  
  • Add content to the ‘know about’ topics.  
  • Use the ad platform to track questions relevant to your industry and audiences. 
  • If you read answers to other questions, you may also provide edits. It adds to your level of expertise or authority of the subject. 

Final tip: The brand name should appear in the first 50 characters in the answer.

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