Actor Rose Byrne’s Dollhouse Pictures Joins Forces with Aquarius Films to Deliver Psychological Thriller “Geography of Friendship”

Even though spring is right around the proverbial corner and the days are growing longer and brighter does not mean that there are no more dark corners to explore until autumn rolls around again: Per our ghoulish brethren at Variety comes news today that actor Rose Byrne is about to fold back some ominous layers in the upcoming adaption of author Sally Piper’s smash novel The Geography of Friendship.

 So how eerie is Sally Piper’s story? Pretty darn eerie, campers. The Geography of Friendship is about three women who take off on what’s meant to be a warm and relaxing hike through the woods. Through the course of five days in the wilderness however, the friends realize that they are being followed. This simple enough of a premise, seemingly left over from a failed Friday the 13th movie pitch, has more power and punch than most potboiler thrillers and is a book best read with all lights in the house a-blazin.’

 Rose Byrne of Bridesmaids and Neighbors fame was impressed enough with Piper’s tale to throw all in on a deal with Australia’s Aquarius Films to develop the bestselling book into a six part television miniseries.

 In a press release, Byrne said of the upcoming adaptation of The Geography of Friendship that she was “thrilled to champion a story with great potential and fascinating lead roles for two generations of women in front of the camera. Sally Piper’s story explores so many unspoken issues that need to be addressed in a wider sphere and we intend to delve into that more decisively.”

Tick for tack, Aquarius Films’ Big Wheels Angie Fielder and Polly Staniford issued their own press release, stating that Piper’s novel “feeds directly into the conversation today around the way inequality and fear of violence shapes the everyday experience of women.”

All of the above is seconded and moved for passage by ye olde scribbler of words here at Vents. Keep your peepers peeled on this space for any new updates on this upcoming production!

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