7 Ultimate Tips for Moving Your House or Apartment 

When the moving day is coming, it’s very important to be ready to move smoothly. A good preparation is key, and packing is the cornerstone of your organization. 

How do I prepare for my relocation? 

It’s essential to anticipate and take your time for your house packing. Most of the people make the same mistake, and they start a few days before.  

1- ) Start packing 3 weeks before 

You better work bit by bit, room by room and do one or two boxes per day. Indeed, when you move, the workload is very important, so it’s better to start a few weeks in advance and do it thoroughly, day after day.

2- ) You will need manpower 

Ask your family, relatives, and friends to help you. It will be easier if you do it bit by bit and if you delegate. If 2 or 3 friends are helping for two or three hours, it will be a huge help. They can do the shed or garage, for example.  

3- ) Make sure you take days off before and after the move.

The main mistake that people do is try to make their move over the week and go straight to work. 

They are always some unforeseen events, and as a professional removalists Perth, we advise you to take time before and after the move. Regarding the packing, for example, the last touch can take a few hours as you want to make sure everything is perfect. 

4- ) Do a priority box 

While moving, there are always items that we need and can’t find. Please make sure to create a priority box with all the essentials you might find useful once you move into your new house.

5- ) Use the right box 

There is a miscellaneous type of boxes, and it’s important to use the right one; this will be easier to pack for you and them easier for the movers during the relocation.

What kind of boxes can you use during your relocation? 

Book boxes: It’s the smallest box available and very useful for book, magazine or anything heavy. 

Very important to make sure that boxes are not too heavy. If too heavy, the Fremantle removalists will struggle, and it will take more time and effort.

Standard boxes or tea chest: It’s the normal size box. Sometimes called a dish pack. You can use it for pretty much anything, but most likely the kitchen and breakable. But you can use this box for pretty much everything as it’s a perfect size. 

Port- a- Robe or hanging clothes box: People use this box mainly to hang their clothes. It’s pretty high, and there is a bar in the middle to hang your garments. It’s very big, and you can use it for shed items or anything big. Perfect for garden tools, all the linen or bedsheets, or miscellaneous bulky items. 

Picture pack or Art pack: You can use this flat box to wrap your pictures. It’s often separated into two pieces, and it’s adjustable. Don’t forget to use a lot of paper and bubble wrap too. If pictures are very expensive, using a wooden crate is strongly recommended. 

TV Box: Television is a very expensive part of your household, and you don’t want this to get damage. A TV can’t be moving without a TV box or otherwise, it will get damaged. Using a TV box or plasma box with protect your TV against any damages.

6- ) Use a lot of paper 

Packing a box without paper is really useless. You have to buy some butcher paper and fill the box underneath and on top.

We generally recommend filling the bottom of the box with 10 cm of paper and the same for the top. Every item has to be wrapped individually. For the kitchen items, check on YouTube as there is a special process. You have to wrap every dishes and glasses individually, then put some paper between layers. Don’t forget, if your box is well packed, it can fall down form 1.5 meters high and nothing will get damage inside.

7- ) Cover fabrics with special plastic protections 

Fabrics can easily get dirty with sweat, dirt, and anything that could happen during transit. You can buy some protection for all your fabrics.

What items should in cover with plastic? 

Mattress, couch, armchair, anything with fabrics 


Packing a full house for removal is a long and tedious job. It can take many hours and you need some skills and knowledge, otherwise your precious items can be damage. You can use professional movers and packers in order to save time and hassle. Furthermore if anything happened, the insurance might works and you can be covered.

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