3 Top Passive Income Ideas To Convert Glass Art Into Money

Looking for more passive income streams for your glass art beyond the conventional ideas? We got you covered by enlisting three new ways to seek passive income opportunities in 2021 and beyond. 

Yes, of course, passive income is a kind of misnomer, as it takes a lot of effort to set-up these income streams. Once you’ve put-in the efforts to work upfront, these avenues present a steady income, besides making money from your art sales. 

In 2020, many glass artists took to the screen to host online classes & workshops to teach people how to use dichroic fused glass for creating some amazing art pieces. YouTube videos aren’t the only means to drive passive income. Here are the best alternative passive income ideas for your art business:

  1. Membership Services

The concept of online membership & subscription services is not new. Whether it’s the Netflix, Spotify, or Amazon Prime subscription, people worldwide have embraced the idea of subscription services. A recent report by Forbes read an average American has 3.4 subscriptions. 

However, the concept of personalizing subscription sites is indeed new. Whether it’s the subscription boxes or membership sites that connect individual artists with the end-users, art-gallery owners, and celebrities, these services are booming in popularity. 

Membership sites such as Patreon connect artists and content creators of various types to reach their respective audiences. It allows its hosts, for instance, musicians, to share unreleased music and personal content like behind-the-scenes in a virtual environment. Also, sites like these enable individual artists to create & share content directly to the subscribers, paying a monthly fee to participate. 

You can also create your subscription model over your website. Start slow, post pre-recorded art-making lessons, or download materials for one-off sales, and then later, you can progress on this to monetize your content. 

  1. Digital & Physical Art Renting

Digital & physical art renting is another way to monetize your art booming across the globe. You are doing nothing, your art is sitting, but you are getting the money; well, that’s the true definition of passive income. Renting your artwork and art glass supplies allows you to make money till you don’t land a buyer. 

Not just physical artwork, you can also rent your digital artwork to individuals or businesses at a pre-agreed time and money. 

Renting your art has another perk associated with it. When your artwork is displayed in an office, public place, hotel, or restaurant, you gain new audiences, and you may end up selling your art faster than before. 

  1. Hype up a Brand or Service 

Is there any art product or service that you think connects with an industry or specific brand? You can partner with businesses as an influencer marketer to promote their brand to their respective audiences. 

Partnering with a brand is a great way to make a passive income. When working with a brand, make sure you stay loyal to your vision & art-making goals. 

In the end 

Passive income is all about investing time & efforts upfront into a system that pays you now and in the future while you do nothing. 

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