You’ll Definitely Wanna Dance After Listening To Blink’s Catchy Single, “Wanna Party”

There is no place for negativity in Blink’s “Wanna Party.” The artist did an outstanding job at producing a song that​ will genuinely light up anyone’s state of mind towards a party mode mindset. The playful video showcases a flawless production, reflecting the multiple skills of the rapper who delivers his groovy sensuality with high inspiration. The vocal flow adds up to the music video, and together they create a catchy track. 

From Orlando, Florida, Blink delivers a chilling, player type of music. Being a fan of American football and participating in the first division, the artist received his nickname “blink” from being so fast that you won’t even notice him if you blink. 

As the title suggests, “Wanna Party” is a playful summer song set to create a mood for those who can’t wait to celebrate a warm and beautiful summer. With all the Covid-19 mass panic taking place, “Wanna Party” is a refreshing listening experience for people all over the world. A fun, laid-back party experience is what could be capitalized from this memorable song. 

For now, enjoy “Wanna Party” until we get more releases from Blink.

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Blink - Wanna Party (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

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