Netflix Phenomenon “The Queen’s Gambit” Transforms Into an Upcoming Stage Musical

If you needed any further proof that the Netflix watercooler miniseries The Queen’s Gambit has become a genuine pop culture sensation, look no further than today’s announcement by our distinguished uptown rivals at Variety that the frothy and decadent show that fans just can’t get enough of is heading to the theatrical stage as an honest-to-Pete musical.

 The Queen’s Gambit is based off of the Walter Tevis novel of the same name and is about an orphaned chess wunderkind named Elizabeth Harmon and her continuing quest to transform into the single greatest chess player the world has ever known, all while battling with drug and alcohol issues and assorted emotional baggage. This is not a comedy. Jus’ sayin.’

 Theatrical production company Level Forward has taken on theatrical stage rights to the Tevis novel and said in a press release today via Big Wheel Adrienne Becker and producer Julia Dunetz that “It is a privilege for Level Forward to lead the charge of bringing The Queen’s Gambit to the stage through the beloved and enduring craft of musical theater. Told through a brave and fresh point of view, audiences are already sharing in the friendship and fortitude of the story’s inspiring women who energize and sustain Beth Harmon’s journey and ultimate triumph. The story is a siren call amidst our contemporary struggles for gender and racial equity, and we’re looking forward to moving the project forward.”

 By the way, in case you missed it, Level Forward really wants you to know that they’re really enamored with the word “forward.” AHEM.

 The whole enchilada (i.e. business deal) was brokered on behalf of the Tevis Family Trust by Susan Schulman of the Susan Schulman Literary Agency fame and Level Forward operative Rachel Gould.

 All quips and tongue-in-cheek bromides to the side, Level Forward seems like the right landing spot for this iteration of The Queen’s Gambit; the 2018 founded company has so far been behind such motion pictures as The Assistant and critically lauded documentary On the Record. Stage-wise, they’re the Machiavellian masterminds behind stage productions Slave Play and Oklahoma.

 No mention from our muchachos over at Level Forward on creative talent lined up for their Queen’s Gambit musical, but as always Vents will endeavor to keep you updated with any future news on this project!

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