INTERVIEW: Seth Thomas Hall breaks down his business and mission

Seth Thomas Hall is the Founder of Transformational Solutions, a Los Angeles-based life-coaching company, where he helps clients discover the tools to make lasting changes for a fulfilling life and the achievement their dreams. Through his own personal journey of recovery from drug addiction, depression, and homelessness, Seth’s mission is to support others in accomplishing their own personal goals. With this experience, he aptly co-authored “The Mountain Method™,” an actionable workbook that helps readers identify true goals, set new ones, and become situated in a position where they are self-accountable and proud of their progress and aspirations. Vents Magazine caught up with Seth to learn more about his business, how he approaches clients and his take on life coaching.

Hi Seth, welcome to Vents! As an established life coach, what is your advice to someone who wants to start seeing a life coach, but isn’t sure what to expect?

On a very basic level, A life coach is someone that helps you to see the highest vision of yourself, and helps break down what could be “overwhelming” to think about into small, palatable actions. They can see the you within you and help you remember your strengths, face your fears, build self-confidence, and create habits that are pointed in the direction of your vision.

What is something you hope clients take away from your sessions and/or workshops?

I hope they feel a sense of inspiration, possibility, and empowerment. Every client has their own unique desires, strengths, and challenges. Identifying what these are and creating a plan to reach their goals is paramount. Clients should believe that they are the creators of their lives and they can have whatever life they desire as long as they are willing to put in the effort and face themselves!

Many have been affected by “pandemic fatigue” which has made motivation and accomplishing goals much harder. What are some of your top tips to overcoming this and staying focused?

Interesting question. I always tell my clients if they’re waiting for “motivation” or for the “inspiration” to come to them before they start, they could end up waiting a long time. Most of us struggle to do things for ourselves that are good for us (self-love, which includes accomplishing your goals, and self-respect, which comes when you follow through.) We say “yes” to things we should say “no” to, and “no” to things we should say “yes” to. I like to encourage clients to “weigh the system in their favor.” For example, if you have a goal to exercise, put your walking shoes where you can see them so you have a visual reminder. Choose a specific time (end of the workday, lunch, etc.) when you will walk, and set an alarm for that time. When your alarm goes off, put the damn shoes on even if you don’t feel like it! In that moment, choose to act in line with your value of physical health instead of scrolling TikTok.

What are some of the top mistakes people make in the planning phase when goal setting?

I find it is not the planning phase people struggle with. Most people have not defined what a successful life would look like for themselves. Others have laid their visions aside to appease others, or they are afraid they are incapable of achieving it. They think their own dreams and desires are silly or impractical. There are costs to all decisions, both action and inaction. Sometimes “the pain of staying the same must be greater than the pain of changing.” Everyone is unique and has their own personal challenges and struggles that can get in the way of achieving their goals. Be honest with yourself about what those are and work on opposite actions. For example, if you have a habit of not going to a social event because of fear, take a toastmasters class and start going to the events. Work on the skills you need to develop in order to be the person you would need to be to achieve your goals. I can help you get to where you want to go, but we need to know where you’re going first.

How does a life coach help clients stay accountable and disciplined?

Coaches can check in and motivate you. They believe in your dreams, potential, and capabilities. They help you accentuate your strengths and help to teach you skills that will help you believe your dreams are attainable. During sessions, goals can be worked on, which is a way for you to follow through and stay disciplined. Outside of sessions, discipline must come from the desire to see your dreams manifest.

What do you like most about helping people and seeing them accomplish their dreams?

There is nothing better than seeing someone thriving and living a happy, purpose-filled, and meaningful life. It is an honor to have had a small part in that process.

Tell us a bit about your method of coaching that can be found in your book, The Mountain Method: Conquer Your Mountain™.

The Mountain Method™ is a workbook that offers solutions to many of the challenges of achieving your vision or “climbing your mountain.” It’s actionable and easy to digest. It’s a blueprint for defining your vision and reaching your goals.

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