VENTS – Lara, welcome to VENTS; can you tell us a little more about your latest single, Drifting?

Drifting was written during lockdown (like most music made last year) and speaks to the people that come and go from your life. It captures the feeling of change and impermanence, whilst feeling stagnant at the same time. Musically speaking, Drifting feels like a whirlpool of ambient electronica that sweeps you up in the same way the best relationships in life do.

How does your single differ from your previous releases?

Drifting is much more electronic and ambient than my previous releases, which speak more to 2000’s pop and indie – alt music. At the same time I believe the song still sounds true to me with punchy bass lines and soaring melodies.

Is there a story behind Drifting?

I’d moved back to Melbourne after living in the US for a year. I would go surfing a lot in the first lockdown and felt that the waves reminded me how temporary things can be, changing without notice or warning. This is why drifting has a drone of waves in the background of the whole song.

Aside from music, what influences you?

I’m influenced very heavily by nature, relationships and of course current societal issues! It’s definitely easiest to write about things close to you because they flow so naturally.

Can you tell us a little more about your writing process?

I usually start with a combination of production and song writing. As I’m writing the song I’m usually thinking about the timbres I want and how I want the song to feel, sonically speaking, so I don’t really sit and write a song at the piano like a lot of other song writers. Sometimes I start with drums, sometimes I have a single vocal phrase I know I want to use. I use whatever idea I have first and snowball from there.

Has your relationship with music changed during lockdown?

My relationship with music has changed in that I haven’t been able to play with other fabulous musicians and be totally immersed the way I was when I lived in Boston, but ultimately my love and passion for music is unwavering.

How would you say that being a Berklee music scholar has shaped your sound?

Berklee definitely helped me because I was able to pick and choose from so many different courses. I’m always interested in broadening my musical horizons – I did things like an afro- caribbean percussion lab, played piano in a salsa ensemble, as well as sound design and production. Like most schools, your education is as good as you make it.

Is there any particular audience that you’re trying to reach with your music?

I’d say I’m trying to reach a mainstream pop audience, and break / broaden the idea of what can be ‘pop’ music. I definitely have more of a demographic of listeners that are into indie/ alt pop though!

What’s next for Lara?

I have an album coming out soon and then onto making more music! It’s a constant cycle of recording, writing, producing, mixing/ mastering and then releasing!

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