The Dream Team: Steven Spielberg Teams Up with the Duffer Bros. to Bring Stephen King’s and Peter Straub’s “The Talisman” to Netflix

Some team-ups just have magic imbued in them from the start: Abbot and Costello, Burns and Allen, Scorsese and DiCaprio and the JLA and the JSA are but a few examples of the delights that are to be had when creative types firing on all cylinders unite to bring us the latest movie, piece of music, television show or comic book. To the above distinguished list this intrepid columnist is happy to add the names of director Steven Spielberg, the Duffer Brothers, Steven Spielberg and Peter Straub to an upcoming project as first reported on this weekend by The Hollywood Reporter.

 Back in 1984, writers extraordinaire Stephen King (‘Salem’s Lot, 11/22/63) and Peter Straub (Ghost Story, Koko) co-authored a book together called The Talisman. The story revolves around a 12 year old boy named Jack who sets out on a trek across America in order to save his dying mother by locating a mysterious crystal called “the Talisman.” The book proved popular enough for King and Straub to reteam for a sequel in 2001’s Black House novel.

 Reading the above description, it seems to be a plot almost tailor-made for Steven Spielberg (E.T., Empire of the Sun, A.I.) and the Duffer Brothers (Stranger Things). And, nearly forty years after the novels publication, it looks like these creative powerhouses will indeed be assembling to bring this part horror story-part parable to life as a Netflix series.

 The aforementioned Duffer Bros. (also known as Matt and Ross Duffer) will executive produce the new series alongside Steven Spielberg and Stephen King for their own respective production houses. Curtis Gwinn (also a Stranger Things alum) will act as writer and showrunner for the adaptation.

 The announcement last Friday of the impending adaptation by Netflix marks the culmination of a nearly forty year journey for Spielberg; the auteur optioned the rights for The Talisman back in 1982 when he snagged the galleys to the as-of-yet unreleased novel. Hey, being Steven Spielberg comes with its perks, including getting a gander of some pretty cool swag before John Q. Public gets its grubby mitts on it.

 More to follow as we get word on details such as casting, production start dates, release dates, etc. Stay tuned, kiddies!

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