Meet Model and Actor Manon Andrieux

Manon Andrieux was stuck at home along with the rest of the world during the lockdown. Primarily working as a model taking on roles in short films, Andrieux would start to see a decline in the amount of work that she could find in person. As the work opportunities declined we would see an increase in free time that lead to a rise in the popularity of social media and social influencers. Manon noticed this beacon of light in the fog and she rerouted her path in that direction. Andrieux, using her Instagram fashion blog,, started to post photo shoots to strengthen her network and expand her reach as an influencer.

Andrieux illustrates perseverance and passion in her walk of life. She pushed her portfolio during a difficult time, which allowed her to gain recognition from larger agencies including Elite Model Management, where she is currently signed to. Manon was able to maximize her profits and continue to strive for success through the lockdown by making a name for herself through social media. She has accumulated over 45,000 followers as of February, 2021. Manon has also collaborated with various beauty brands, two of which include BBryance and Pretty Little Think. She has recently appeared in the short films “The Third Door” in 2019 and “Treecodile Farm” in 2020.

Andrieux was passionate about becoming a model, even before the age of 15 she already started to put herself in the media’s eye by taking on smaller roles as an extra in multiple short films and ads. By the summer of 2011 she had already been discovered by an artistic agent, who introduced her to the fashion industry. Andrieux started small by featuring in magazines and posters. She advanced to modeling for numerous teenage clothing catalogs over the next three years, which helped her to build her portfolio to model for bigger agencies in the future.

In 2014, Andrieux decided to focus on her graduate studies in business, putting the modeling career on the back burner, illustrating that she is a studious and assiduous person. She attended Toulouse III Paul-Sabatier University and eventually acquired her DUT in Business and Administration Management. Following her graduation she moved out to Montauban, a city about an hour away. After taking some time to plan her next move she returned to her hometown, Toulouse, where she started to pursue her modeling career once again.

From her start as a childrens’ clothing magazine model to getting signed with a large agency while maintaining an education, Andrieux works hard and has no plans on giving up. She attributes her success to her diligent personality, work ethic and completing her education. She hopes to influence other people to never give up and follow their dreams through the changes in the world.

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