Kazuki Tokaji: the energetic guitarist of Circle the Earth

Discovering the craze for music from as early as at the age of seven Kazuki Tokaji is a passionate musician. He is not just a musician but a mood changer, his energetic performances will drive you through him listening to him again and again. He has got that precious art in his hands that one can’t goes without praising him.

Circle the Earth is a band of extraordinary and talented people, and Tokaji is the lead guitarist of this band. The band has released its new single in the month of January which was well received by the audience and got critical acclaim and worth of mouth by the people. The song named ‘At the Helm of Despair’ dives into the exploration of feelings of loss and the battle of hopelessness in dealing with the grief.  A hard driving guitar style that gives rhythm a new height and brings immense sense and feelings have been featured by Tokaji’s who mastered it while growing in the childhood.

Tokaji shares his experience that he was very reluctant to speaking English and it was the hardest thing for him to do. He never spoke English when he lived in Japan. As he went to U.S he learned there very quickly. He dreamt of playing guitar in the U.S since when he was little child. From then on, he started to take this dream very seriously and took steps accordingly.

Discovering the indisputable love for music and rock and roll in his teen age, however, majored in Science and Technology because he was fascinated by science where he hoped would serve him well after college. As he continued his journey of studying Science and Technology his musical gravity grew at a higher pace and attracted him more and more just like in the black hole which caused him to perform in bands while he was in College.

He toured a couple of cities with different bands before he thought of playing as a solo artist. His resonance matched with the artists of the band Circle the Earth only once he arrived in the U.S. “It was like I’ve known these guys for years right from the start,” Tokaji said.

His performance and art won for him not only fans but worth of mouth by the band’s McBay, the manager and sponsor who was highly impressed by his energetic performances and was out of words for praising him, “Kazuki Tokaji is a some super naturally talented artist who brings the life in the live onstage as well as in the recording studio.”

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