SINGLE REVIEW: Love is a Flame by House of Peace

There’s a euphoric almost dizzying quality to “Love is a Flame” from artists House of Peace. Lead singer David Liscum will be the first to admit that the sound of this track was directly inspired by the sonics of “Coldplay” what with a similar string orchestration that calls back to the nostalgic days of “Viva La Vida” from 2008. Wow, let that sink in, that was 2008. And while we’ve seen the decline of what could be called “baroque pop” if you want to get into the technicals of it, there’s a certain novelty to hear it repurposed for this day and age. It has been confirmed that there will be an EDM remix later this year because what single doesn’t these days but based on the skeletal groundwork in this iteration, that’s something to look very forward to. Love is often a very difficult thing to transcribe into music, often because we all interpret that feeling very differently.


Often times it’s less about the words used to describe the feeling, but the instrumentals and the performance and the passion Liscum carries throughout the single is every bit as tangible and almost carries a heartbreaking undertone within it. Sometimes the song does have the issue of “singing in cursive” or for those unfamiliar with that term, it’s a certain type of vocal performance intentionally slurring words to evoke a kind of wistfulness. Often times it can be very grating and a sign of pretentiousness to cover for the fact that the content of the song isn’t anything to write home about. This isn’t the case, although some portions might have a more striking quality to it with more quality considering how breathtaking the instrumental backing is.

‘Love’ carries a very cinematic feeling with its dramatic strings and harmonies that have a real (and I hate using this word due to its over-usage) “epic” quality. It’s large in scale, but it’s never bombastic or overbearing and there’s a lot of subtleties in its production that makes for an engaging re-listen many times over. There’s a level of accessibility that’s also on display with what I sometimes call “commercial music”, not in the sense that it’s mainstream, but because it would sound right at home in car commercials or reality tv shows and adverts, which low and behold, some of the band’s previous discography has been featured in just that. It should be noted that despite that, this song never comes across as cynical or made for the options of exposure alone.

It’s a song teeming with life and a vibrancy unparalleled in a lot of music today. I would highly recommend it if you’re looking for something fresh but evokes memories of the past the same way it’s sung about. It’s passion incarnate and it’s only a taste of what the band has in store for the future. The single is from their full-length album Welcome to the River with the EDM remix coming to Spring later this year and a music video soon to follow.

Wyatt Kennedy

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