Kermit The Frog Is The Most Underrated Muppet

If you ask somebody who their favorite Muppet is, there are several different answers they might get. Rest assured, you will get an answer. Even if the person you are talking to isn’t necessarily a big Muppets fan, they still would have a favorite, even if it is damning with faint praise. If you like maniacal anarchist energy, you would probably go with Animal. Gonzo brings absurdist comedy and a weird energy. Fozzie is an anti-comedy character that appeals to irony and pop culture aficionados. Miss Piggy is, in the parlance of our times, a “mood.” Of course, at the forefront of the Muppets is Kermit the Frog. As the lead Muppet, the front frog of the group, you are probably going to get some Kermit naysayers. That’s common when talking about naming favorites in a big group. They feel like saying somebody like Kermit is too obvious. He bears the brunt of the criticism. You may assert that Kermit is a snooze, but we’re here to say that he’s one of the best Muppets characters.

Yes, Kermit can’t be as eccentric as others. He can’t do that while having his role in the group. Kermit can’t act like Gonzo or Lew Zealand. That doesn’t work. Somebody has to be the straight character, though Kermit isn’t fully ensconced in that role. That’s what Scooter is for. Kermit gets to let loose a bit on occasion. He gets to lose his cool and freak out. His little puppet arms flail. There’s nuance and complexity to Kermit. There’s humor to the character, even if he also has to shoulder the load of exposition and steering the story.

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It’s OK to say that Kermit is your favorite character. Even if he’s not, the frog deserves respect. It ain’t easy being green, and it’s also not easy being the lodestone of a comedy cast. Kermit can’t be all jokes and absurdity. He has to set up other jokes. He has to be the leader. That may not be funny. It is necessary for the Muppets storytelling, though. Kermit may not be the best, but he’s arguably the most important. Make sure Kermit gets his shine. The character deserves it.

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