Importance of UI/UX When Developing Multimedia Solutions

In recent years, the popularity of various types of multimedia solutions has been growing rapidly. An increasing number of people prefer to use a variety of services online. The transition of many interactions to the remote format drives the need for using audio and video systems to communicate. This explains the relevance of developing interactive learning applications and the extension of streaming platforms.

Appearance and usability determine which service or application the user will opt for. Good multimedia graphic design is no longer enough for a product to succeed in the market. To ensure the most convenient interaction of a person with the digital solution, multiple factors need to be considered. That’s why such a direction as UI/UX design is becoming much in demand.

What the concept of UI/UX design includes

UI design (short for user interface design) involves the interface of a service, application, or website. It studies the appearance of the points of user interaction with the product:

  • placement of text and input fields;
  • buttons: their size, color, and location;
  • notifications;
  • icons;
  • menu;
  • images and animation, etc.

The goal of a UI Designer is to create the most aesthetically pleasing and attractive yet user-friendly interface.

A UX (user experience) Designer, in a broad sense, studies the interaction of a user with a product. This specialist investigates the market and competitors, figures out the needs and demands of the audience. The UX Designer finds answers to questions related to service usage:

What challenges does the product solve?

What are the difficulties that users face? How to avoid them?

How to simplify the scenario of application or service usage as much as possible?

Solving the above-mentioned tasks helps to make the product easy to use and successful in the market.

UI and UX are closely related. The border between them is so blurred that they are often combined into one complex concept – UI/UX design.

UX research and UI design help to determine the audience for a service or application at the early stages. What are the main challenges the audience faces? What goals are they trying to achieve by using multimedia solutions? Based on all this information, UI/UX experts form a clearer and more accurate idea of the product.

Advantages of UI/UX design

User-centered development has a number of pluses:

Increasing customer satisfaction

UI/UX design builds customer loyalty to the product. Users stay on the media platform longer and perform more interactions.

Reducing project implementation time

The creation of the UI/UX design for an app before its development allows companies to avoid wrong decisions. Market research makes it possible to reduce the likelihood of errors after the platform is released.

By using drafts and interactive prototypes, a company can receive user feedback beforehand. This means that specialists test and check the convenience of the product’s functions before their release. Additionally, UI/UX Designers can also communicate with developers to make sure a solution is not going to be too difficult.

Saving money

UI/UX Designers reduce the customer’s investments in the project, as their work provides a means for reducing the time for product development and preventing the occurrence of errors after its release.

Moreover, UI/UX design reduces the likelihood of the audience switching to a competitor’s service with a more user-friendly interface. A user-oriented product receives more positive reviews and recommendations. This, in turn, contributes to the constant market expansion.

UI/UX design is one of the components of successful multimedia design and development. After all, the primary focus is on users, and hence their loyalty grows. There is an upward tick in visits to platforms, downloads of applications, and the frequency of their use. All this has a positive effect on the company’s finance indicators. Learn more about the topic in an article with a detailed description of the UI/UX media design process and examples of its use for digital solutions.

Author: Ozziilinks

Ozziilinks a valued contributor on Vents Magazine a Google News Approved site. I love to provide the latest news to my viewers and sharing knowledge about interesting facts on different topics.

About Ozziilinks

Ozziilinks a valued contributor on Vents Magazine a Google News Approved site. I love to provide the latest news to my viewers and sharing knowledge about interesting facts on different topics.

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