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During the covid 19 lockdowns gaming has been our great companion. Spending most time on our screens playing addictive games such as Damascus Camo has been the order of the day. However, spending hours trying to figure out how you can pass different tiers has been a nightmare for several game players.

 During this period COD, Modern Warfare has been a lifesaver. If you love challenging games like me the Damascus Camo will prove to be a match. However, Damascus camo is somehow encrypted and you need to unlock the game. Here are procedures and instructions to unlock Damascus Camo;

Quick Tips to Unlock Damascus

When playing the game, you have that favourite gun. Leave your favourite gun until the end of the game. This will help you not to lose momentum when playing the game

Always keep a Melee weapon as your secondary weapon throughout the game. You need to save time, don’t you? Keeping a knife or a riot shield will be of great help

Objective game modes are the best. Always play a suitable game mode which you may complete quickly. I recommend that you play a mixture of the ground war and Hardcore Hardpoint as you will gain some skills in the game

Start with difficult challenges. Choosing the best order for your game will determine the speed of your gameplay and advancement through different levels

How to unlock Damascus Camo.

To unlock Damascus Camo you will need to get gold on each weapon that you can use. To achieve this, you will need to unlock every camo weapon you are employing. There are ten categories for each weapon and you need a series of challenges to unlock them. The challenges range from long-short kill to short kills after loading. You need to start with the challenges that are quicker to finish

The challenges you need to unlock Gold Camo

Primary weapons

  1. Assault Rifles

We have a total of 8 assault rifles. To unlock gold on these weapons you need to:

  • Kill 800 enemies
  • Acquire 160 kills whilst crouching
  • Kill 125 enemies with headshots
  • Acquire a 3 killstreak with 35 times
  • Acquire 110 kills with no attachments
  • Acquire 100 longshot kills
  • Acquire 75 hip fire kills
  • Submachine Guns

We have six submachine guns in total. To unlock gold on each weapon you will need to:

  • Acquire a 3 killstreak with 25 times
  • Kill 50 enemies
  • Get 110 kills whilst crouching
  • Catch 75 kills with no attachment
  • Acquire 50 longshot kills
  • Acquire 40 kills shortly after reloading
  • Get 100 hip fire kills
  • Light Machine Guns
  • Kill 525 enemies
  • Kill 75 enemies with headshots
  • Contract 65 kills whilst crouching
  • Acquire a 3 killstreak with 25 times
  • Acquire 75 kills with no attachments
  • Acquire 180 kills without using all attachment slots
  • Acquire 30 double kills
  • Marksmen Rifles

There are 3 marksmen rifles available; the EBR-14, Kar98k and the MK2 Carbine. For these you will need the following for each weapon:

  • Acquire a 3 killstreak with 35 times
  • Acquire 110 kills without attachments
  • Get 50 kills shortly after reloading
  • Kill 450 enemies
  • Kill 60 enemies with a headshot
  • Acquire 50 kills while crouching
  • Contract 50 enemies in one shot
  • Catch 100 longshot kills
  • Snipers and Short guns

We have four sniper rifles and you need to do the following for each weapon

  • Kill 450 enemies
  • Get 50 kills while crouching
  • Get 25 double kills
  • Get a 3 killstreak with 25 times
  • Contract 75 kills without attachments
  • Acquire 50 longshot kills
  • Acquire 50 enemies in one shot
  • acquire 50 kills while mounted

Secondary weapons

We have 3 types of secondary weapons

  1. Pistols

We have six types of pistols including; M19, X16, 1911, 357, 50 GS and Renzetti. For these pistol weapons, you will need to do the following

  • Kill 50 enemies with headshots
  • Kill 250 enemies
  • Acquire 30 hip fire kills
  • Acquire 30 longshot kills
  • Acquire 25 double kills
  • Contract 3 killstreak with 25 times
  • Acquire 25 kills shortly after reloading
  • Get 110 kills while using all attachment slots
  • Launchers

Launchers will prove to be very special as you try getting through the tiers. We have four types of launchers namely; PILA, Strela,-P, and JOKR. For these weapons you will need to;

  • Destroy 50 vehicles
  • Destroy 50 killstreaks
  • Destroy 75 aerial killstreaks
  • Kill 125 enemies
  • Destroy 50 pieces of equipment
  • Melee

We have two Melee weapon; a combat knife and a Riot shield. This is the only class where every challenge differs per weapon.


We all love games that prove to be a challenge to us. Damascus Camo is here for you. The game is very addictive. Even though we have much time to play games especially this lockdown period, game boosting will prove to be a reliever. That is where Damascus camo gold comes in.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Damascus camo hard to get?

Sometimes Damascus Camo feels impossible to acquire since some of the games require more demanding weapons. However, with this combo, players can find the enemy, shoot, crouch and even reload. This will count towards your main challenge

How long does it take to get Damascus Camo?

You will need much patience. By simple math, you need 39 guns which equate to at least 702 hours of your gameplay. This is why you need our COD modern warfare Damascus camo boost to save time

How do I unlock Obsidian Camo fast?

To unlock Obsidian Camo, follow this procedure;

  • Assault Rifles: Get at least 15 kills in a single match 200 times
  • SMGs: get 15 kills in a single match 150 times
  • LMGs: Get 15 kills in a single match 150 times
  • Sniper Rifles: Get 15 kills in a single match 125 times

Can I pay someone to Get me Damascus?

Yes. Our talented and professional players will unlock the platinum coupon. Our game managers will customize your order. Moreover, it’s cheaper to get Damascus premium from our professional team.

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