Celebrity aesthetic doctor Elif Benar talks about permanent double chin removal treatment

Dr Elif Benar is a well-known famous aesthetic doctor. She works in her clinic named “Dr Elif Clinic” at Harley Street in London. Dr Elif Benar said, “Double chin removal treatment is the most popular procedure this year.”

What is a double chin?

Dr Elif Benar ”Double chin is the name given to the fullness under the chin.  Although it is generally thought that overweight people have it, this can also be seen in thin people.  A double chin can occur at any age, and it’s not exclusive to people who are overweight. The reason people end up with this hanging cheek of submental fat is often due to genetics or excess skin laxity which can come with age. The genetic factor is the most common reason for this.

How does it work?

Medicine is injected into the fatty tissue, it surrounds the fat cells and destroys them with its effect of inflammation, created by the body safely as waste. This can be used to reduce fat cells in multiple areas of the face such as double chin and fat around the jaw.

During each session, the topical numbing cream is applied to the targeted area and patients receive multiple fat dissolving injections in problematic areas around the chin and neck. This takes 15 minutes. The number of sessions depends on the severity of the problem.

What are the advantages of double chin fat dissolving injections?

Dr Elif Benar ”The biggest advantage is that the process is done in a very short time. The fat-melting injection takes 10-15 minutes. People can back to their normal immediately after the procedure. The procedure is almost painless. The result is permanent.

Are there any side effects?

Dr Elif Benar ”After the procedure, redness and bruising can occur due to the needle injection and it lasts 2-5 days. Swelling can be seen for 2-6 weeks because medicine causes inflammation.

When do we begin to see the result?

Dr Elif Benar ”The result can be seen in 6-8 weeks.

It is the perfect go-to treatment for those who wish to get rid of stubborn fat in the area. The fat in this area can be challenging to lose with diet and exercise. This is a non-surgical alternative to help contour your body in a targeted way.

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