8 Latest Online Marketing Tools For Small And Large Businesses

Digital marketing is changing daily, and any business that is not making efforts to move with the trend will get left behind.

Presently, there are countless online marketing tools that both small and large businesses can leverage to reduce workload, increase efficiency, and improve their customers’ experience.

With many automation tools that make your daily routine seamless, you can achieve a lot more in less time.

Here, we will look at eight of the latest online marketing tools you can use, whether you own a small business or a large one.

  1. Facebook Chatbot

Chatbots have become a must-have for 21st-century small or large businesses. Their importance in your online marketing efforts cannot be overemphasised. 

For instance, a Facebook chatbot can help you achieve a lot on social media. Some Facebook chatbots can also be connected to your e-commerce website, be used for email and SMS marketing, facebook auto liker, among many others.

Generally, a Facebook chatbot can hold automated conversations with your customers and subscribers in a bid to convert them. It can engage customers, answer questions, direct them to human employees, and sell your products.

They are veritable tools with precise leads conversion technology and can lead customers through the sales funnel faster. 

Some chatbots can also be used to automate your product posts and content without supervision, as well as monitor the analytics on your social media page like engagements, views, reach, and so on.

As social media management can be overwhelming, you need tools to ease the entire process and help you perform repetitive tasks that may be burdensome.

  • Text to Voice

Audio and video are increasingly becoming in-demand forms of content. Creating compelling audio is essential to a successful content marketing approach.

As not all of us are blessed with radio-friendly voices, there are a couple of text to voice platforms available to use.

Basically, the job of a text-to-speech tool is to convert written text into voice. You can either use the audio on its own or add it into your video as a voiceover.

From educational videos to sales, training, YouTube and explainer videos, you can convert your text to voice in seconds.

Some text-to-speech platforms also have AI natural voice that makes your audio sound just like a human. It can add inflexions, pauses, breathing sounds, and use appropriate voice tones.

  • WordPress

Although WordPress is not exactly a “latest” or “new” online marketing tool, it has stayed relevant for a long time and remains essential for most small and large businesses.

According to a 2019 review, the platform powers over 34% of the internet, and it is a go-to digital publishing tool for some multi-billion-dollar companies like CNN, Facebook, Spotify, and Sony. 

It is a popular CMS platform, especially if you are a newbie in website content management. Due to its user-friendly interface, it makes the entire process effortless.

  • Graphics Design Tool

There are several ways you can engage with your customers. Custom graphics and designs can take your business to the level. 

You need great visual content to do this, and it could be stock images, photos, poster templates and creative designs.

Some of the many visual content tools you can design with include Canva, CorelDraw, Photoshop etc. 

  • Web Creating and Collaboration

Nowadays, you can create a website for yourself with non-coding tools and platforms. Your website is absolutely critical to finding new customers, and it is one of the cornerstones of your online marketing efforts.

With many website builders available, you can build your own website, save cost and have greater control over it. Wix is an example of a website building tool that can help you achieve this.

  • Analytics Tool

While you engage customers, create and publish content for your business, it is important to always check how far you are doing.

Tools for checking your social media and web analytics are essential to your sales and marketing efforts.

Safari SEO Manchester Agency states that one of the best it Google Analytics, is a comprehensive SEO tool that Google itself runs and provides great SEO insights. It allows you to know the number of web visitors you have on your site and how they fair when they get there.

This is a critical tool that allows you to check your site’s performance and how much conversion and traffic it is driving.

  • Web Optimisation Tool

Still on the importance of your website, a slow webpage can negatively affect your business. A website that does not load in three seconds will have a significantly high bounce rate as users will get frustrated.

Google algorithm ensures speedy sites rank in the first search results, which is important in driving unprecedented traffic to your website. You may search for how much does an ffl cost

  • Email Marketing Tool

Although email marketing is one of the features you get from a Facebook chatbot, you can also decide to use email marketing tools like Mailchimp for your online marketing strategy.

Like chatbots, it can help you build huge contact and mailing lists and send automated messages. 

Regular contact with your customers will strengthen your relationship and grow your customer base.

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