Pop Maestro Alexander 23 Redefines Cool and Laments Lost Love in His Latest EP Release “Oh No, Not Again!”

In only two years the artist known widely as Alexander 23 – A.K.A. Chicago native Alexander Glantz – has infiltrated and insinuated himself and his musical artistry in a pop music field that more often as of late looks like a desert wasteland of originality and creativity. Perhaps because of that very salient dearth of musical artists that can straight-up rock out some killer ballads and evoke the pain and heartache of love gone wrong, Alexander 23 has not only stood out, he has created his own niche and style that has quietly but steadily garnered a devout army of admirers.

 Hitting the ground running with 2019’s EP I’m Sorry I Love You, Alexander 23 wove a mesmerizing tapestry with such heartfelt tunes as When I Die, Mars and Girl. Listening to the album then, this reviewer was reminded favorably of some of the most rousingly aching songs from such rock and roll luminaries as Chris Isaak, The Smiths and (dare I make the comparison?) Bob Dylan. I do not throw around these sorts of accolades lightly; Alexander 23 is simply that good. If you’re a fan of I’m Sorry I Love You then consider that album a down payment on what is arguably one of the better sophomore albums to come down the pike in some time, the February 19 released EP Oh No, Not Again!

 In nine stunning tracks on the new Oh No, Not Again! release – each one a revelation – the Artist Formerly Known as Alexander Glantz delivers an EP which he aptly describes as “one rotation around the heart.”

The artist employs an all-but extinct tool in his songwriter’s work chest, fashioning the new EP as one epic story about love desired, pursued, flirted with, obtained and ultimately lost. The thread that holds IDK You Yet, Cry Over Boys, Brainstorm and the remaining six tracks on Oh No, Not Again! is a taut one indeed, engaging our ears as we go on a musical journey that revolves around love and loss. For an seasoned artist to ruminate on the entirety of the lifespan of a romantic relationship in one EP is a rarity; for a singer-songwriter still growing and cutting his or her teeth in the music industry to drop such a project as their sophomore outing is unprecedented and worthy of celebration.

 To be for sure the ground that Alexander 23 plies in his new work is familiar territory to music aficionados who have grown up with the likes of Nick Drake. Under a watchful eye however, the singer-songwriter adds rich depth and intricate layers to the already known, allowing for an entirely new experience for listeners who were convinced they had heard everything new under the sun. One listen to the lush and steady beat of a heart that by all rights should be broken cures us all of that misconception. Don’t believe me? Give the bittersweet Good to See You Again a proper spin and prepare to be taken to school by an old soul that knows its way around a late night cry. The neat thing about the entire EP? You’re not witnessing a heart being broken into pieces but, rather, a spirit overcoming loss and slowly rebuilding itself into a complete whole. The beat goes on, as they say.

 Oh No, Not Again! is to be enjoyed and felt on those long, cold nights as we think back to old loves even as we pick ourselves up, brush ourselves off and look forward to new ones. If you’re a fan of heartfelt lyrics and substantive meanings, Alexander 23’s latest effort stands as the best album so far of 2021.

 Want to check out Alexander 23’s magnum opus Oh No, Not Again? Head on over to Amazon and snag a copy today and tell ‘em Vents sent you!

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