Peak Futures Head Into Another World With “Orion”

Making a mark on the electronic/soul scene right now are Peak Futures, a collection of six vocalists and musicians. They released their debut record “Tapestry” last year and follow it up with their next track “Orion” this week.

Featuring sublime vocals by Joe Bernie, “Orion” is like taking a journey through outer-space. Coming on their forthcoming album Colours Of The Sun via Community Laundry Records, the artists here immediately pull you in with stammering drum beats, warped synths and deep rooted layers of instrumentation.

They explain: “The theme of the whole album is mainly about gaining self-understanding through a journey to unfamiliar spaces, be they physical, mental or cultural. The wider album threads a path that criss-crosses from the  stellar to the earthly and back, touching on both the richness and  detail of the every day as well as the cosmic scale of the  universe.”

For another worldly experience, stream Peak Future’s “Orion” below.

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