Jay Jones – the digital marketing expert who is becoming a sought after name by many brands across UK

Jay Jones is a rising name in the world of entrepreneurs. The 23 year old social media marketing expert started his own agency and in less than 18 months he has conquered the space even after there is already so much competition in the industry.

Originally a stocks and shrares trader, Jay got out of the space and stepped into social media marketing. Talking about how he started off, in an interview, he shared, “In the beginning it wasn’t easy, not even in the slightest. I struggled immensely to get a footing online.”I simply could not get one customer. It takes awhile to build trust, especially at that time because I had so many things to work on which I did not know how to prioritise.”

“At the beginning of the pandemic I noticed a lot of businesses were struggling, desperately paying thousands of pounds on promotion with nothing to show for it”, shared the young entrepreneur in another interview.

Jay currently works with numerous brands across the UK and even on an international scale. He is also working on an online course for people who wants to become digital marketing experts. What makes Jay stand out from his competitors is the fact that he prioritises customer satisfaction over everything and builds trusting relationships with his clients.

Jay has also worked with a variety of A list celebrities like Floyd Mayweather and Iggy Azalea, he connects brands with celebs to boost promotions and also capitalises on the hottest social media trends by creating relevant content that helps him increase visibility across various social media platforms.

Keep an eye out for Jay Jones who is on his way to make it big as an entrepreneur that too at such a young age.


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