How to become a climate neutral company?

Business operations inevitably generate greenhouse gas emissions in all companies. Typical sources of CO2 that can be found in all business enterprises are, for example, the use of materials and energy in administration and products, employee commuting, or business travel.

Even in medium-sized companies, several hundred tons of emissions can result from business activities each year. In practice, however, the release of climate-active gases can be reduced. To do this, energy efficiency measures must be taken. However, the emission of climate-active gases cannot be completely prevented.

Certifications such as Climate Neutral Company (DIQP) offer companies numerous advantages. The following article explains what these are and how the status of a climate-neutral company can be achieved.

Climate-neutral company – how it works

Companies that operate in a climate-neutral manner demonstrate that they are making a sustainable commitment to protecting the climate. This also creates numerous economic benefits – for example, it increases the chance of attracting environmentally conscious stakeholders and retaining them in the long term. Lower CO2 emissions therefore also generally lead to greater business success.

Analyze the current situation

Basically, only three steps are necessary to become a climate-neutral. company. First, it is necessary to record the actual situation in as much detail as possible. This involves determining which areas of the company produce which quantities of emissions. This analysis forms the basis for making extensive calculations to obtain the company’s carbon footprint. This serves as the basis for determining the next steps, formulating active climate protection targets and identifying potential savings.

Reducing avoidable emissions

The second step is to reduce avoidable emissions of greenhouse gases and thus achieve greater climate protection in the company. To do this, it is necessary to develop measures for greater climate efficiency and then implement them. Examples include replacing business trips with video conferences, switching to public transportation, and using regional products for catering. In this way, it is already possible to tap into significant savings potential.

Offsetting unavoidable emissions

The next step is to compensate for unavoidable emissions. These emissions are those that continue to be produced in business operations despite extensive energy efficiency measures. Climate-neutral companies are characterized by the fact that they offset their unavoidable emissions with CO2 reduction certificates. Numerous climate protection projects are available for this purpose. Companies can therefore choose exactly the project that suits them best.

However, it is also possible to make only individual business activities, such as travel or the vehicle fleet, climate-neutral.


Presenting climate neutrality to the public

If companies then present their climate neutrality effectively to the public, this results in further convincing advantages.

In the population the environmental and climatic consciousness is up-to-date as large, as never before. If a company becomes climate-neutral, this news pleases people to a great extent. CO2 neutrality is a valuable attribute that offers far-reaching advantages in customer acquisition, advertising and in convincing skeptical customers and business partners.

The image of a company is provided with a sustainable and future-oriented component through climate neutrality. The reputation of climate-neutral companies is often anchored in people’s minds as responsible and extremely positive.

In addition, the standard of climate neutrality can be maintained in the long term with very little effort. Thus, only a little money and time need to be invested once in order to then benefit from it to a high degree for years to come.

Source: Klimaneutrales Unternehmen (DIQP)

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